Saturday, June 17, 2017

Intolerant Lowell

I don't spend too much time reading up on a local Facebook page devoted to Lowell politics. In fact I unfollowed the page, but stayed a member in case I wanted to check in.

I saw this.

Every year during the weekday in late June, Jehovah's Witnesses  have their convention here in Lowell. That's all. They rent out the place, dress up, and worship together at the Tsongas Arena.

Enough people called him out on his complete lack disrespect for other people.

We keep talking about diversity, but I pretty much well aware I how people really do not like me.

I have a few people (mutual acquaintances, of mutual friends) on Facebook that have completely blocked me.*** I never had an argument with them, and in fact one has a lot in common with me as a fellow alum of the political science department at UMass Lowell. Another is a well know local DJ from Boston radio, who has settled into Lowell and is engaged in cultural affairs.

Again I never had an argument with these individuals.

As seen the posting went on for 171 comments.

***It's Facebook, and people can tailor it as they choose. I'm not crying over it, just making the observation how handle their information.

Just saying people really aren't that tolerant.

They want to eat your food and watch you dance and sing, but they really think nothing of you and what you value.

Also they can't figure our how Trump one, either.

I think I need to travel the country, places have their pros and cons. But between this and Lowell High School out of downtown and to an office park/strip mall at the edge of the city along the highway, maybe it's not worth being around.

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  1. We need to be open and loving to those who understand God differently. I'm with you.

    Regards — Cliff