Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Why I don't blog and should stop social media as well.

I would like to blog, but I can't. The issue is mainly about privacy of others. I wish I could talk more about what I have done at Department of Children and Families, but obviously I can't. I wish I could talk about experiences with friends and acquaintances, but I don't think they would like that. I wish I could even speak about my children's lives. Good and bad.

I have no regrets in review of the blogging experience.

My social media experience unfortunately isn't that great. People divided, even today I was unfriended by a long time acquaintance for stating that I thought her teenage son's choice was 'frustrating' to teenagers who wouldn't have such an opportunity. Why, Because I get irritated when my own children waste/pass up opportunities and blessings the have.

It came with a strange response. The individual was defending her teenage son for his choice, even stating she was in fact proud of his non-conformity. I was a taken back, I was expecting "Yeah, I know he should be grateful, but he chose not to go. His lost. Wait until he's on his own and we won't be taking him on vacation anymore."

Back story the teenager decided to stay in the hotel room, when he had the Florida coastline outside his door. The family was from up north, where it is too cold to swim for 9 months of the year. They take these types of vacations at least once a year.

My children get a lot in their own way, but Florida vacations isn't one of them. Due to lifestyle choices, this just isn't going to happen. I knew if they ever overheard a classmate come back to Florida and mentioned that he wanted to just be in the hotel. Their response wouldn't be so kind as mine. Seriously, my older kids would probably drop a few words of profanity lecturing him on his privilege.

I wanted to review the conversation to make sure I wasn't misreading anything, only to find out I was unfriended.

I guess I hit a nerve, and there was something there I didn't see or know.


  1. Maybe she thought that suggesting that her son should get outside and enjoy Florida was hate speech. It's like no one can criticize anything any more except Christians and white males.

    As for blogging, you just told me why I can never find anecdotes from social workers describing what they see in single-parent homes. Hmm.

  2. Yep, what I hear or read stays within DCF. I compartmentalize my brain and pretty much give it it up to God. I mean it's pretty persona; stuff that no one would want floating around to others.

    I had a teenager who didn't want to speak, because she had no idea who the reviewers were. I agreed with her. She did open up, because who wants their business all documented like that.

  3. try searching dcf cases that make it into court of appeals, they use initials. they should be online.

  4. I hear you.  I have been avoiding Facebook since before the Election.  It is sad that folks can't differ in a civil manner.  I went back once, after the first of the year, as I recall, but I didn't see the value.

    No, you can't talk about those cases, even though the rest of us need some insights into that arena, so we can make our own judgments, and not just rely on the inside "experts".

    And, a sad part of all this is that anonymity is important to protect those being helped and to ensure their privacy, but still, in some ways it works against the individual and against society.  In the area of Homelessness, if we aren't tracking folks we don't know when Ms Y leaves Lowell and shows up in Lawrence.  Is that one person or two.  Right now we assume two.  Thus, no one asks why Ms Y left Lowell and ended up in Lawrence.

    I ramble and terminate this by asking that you do check in with us from time to time, if just to help us know about how things are going on Christian Hill.

    Regards  —  Cliff