Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Excuse me I step into a big hot mess.

I have zero tolerance for child abuse/child sexual abuse. I also have zero tolerance for people who try attack of victim of child sexual abuse, and that well includes Milo Yiannopoulos.

Is Milo Yannopoulos a jerk? Sure. Is he a troll. Yes. 

But to use the fact he was a victim of sexual abuse as a way 'to take him down' is well nasty.

"But let’s be crystal clear, because I suspect even my readers are divided on this issue: you have done or said something that can be used to assassinate your character.Again, for clarity: you have said things that the press could assassinate your character with. I guarantee it. Every single person reading this right now has said something which the press could twist into a knife and plunge into your gut. All of you.

I feel like when I want to comment, it is the most crappiest of situations. Do I just go with the flow, and let the troll get socially assassinate in an unfair manner, or do you say 'hey, wait a moment' this isn't right even if you hate the guy. 

I guess I am a bit taken back and horrified, how we learned nothing over the past decade about adults affected by sexual abuse deal with the situation and process it. It's easy to simply disassociate yourself from the situation, but it doesn't solve anything. For the cycle to be broken, it will have to be well ugly. It's creepy that people are with such 'glee' that he was abused as a young teen.

How about this outraged public with pitchforks... how about this... stop... take a breath... and treat Milo like a human being if you think you are so much better than him. "Hey Milo, that's not a healthy response to handling the situation that happened when you were a young teen. You need to get help, because what happened was wrong and we don't want to think what happened to you was even justified." 

Pardon me, I am going to be sick. And I am pissed.

Again I have zero tolerance for sexual child abuse, so to see people 'glee' and 'joy' makes me ill. 

What child past sexual abuse is OK if you hate someone's f*cking guts? Is this the moral standard?

Think about it.

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  1. Great post. One of the things that comes from politicizing everything is that we dehumanize those who disagree with us and the more political things get, the more people there are to dehumanize.