Sunday, August 14, 2016

What's real and what's taboo?


  1. The constant effort to avoid reality and live in a soft fantasy world amazes me. My daughter is adopted and we've never had a problem with acknowledging both that she never knew her biological parents and that I am her father. What's the big deal?

    1. The deal is only when you pretend the biological parent never existed. You haven't. I get to be at the other end a few times a month having to sit in a room with a birth parent and let them know that unfortunately due to time that your children can't wait for you to get better (drug addiction) and the children need stable permanency. I rarely get to see the child that is available for adoption, I only get to see the parents. the parents that no one will know. SO yeah, I tend to make a big deal about these individuals.

    2. I mean what if your daughter has sibling out there? It's possible, these circumstances need to be address one way or another.