Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Can I ask if they're fake? A short commentary on being an woman.

Just lets speak on authenticity for a moment.

One of my girlfriends gets breast implants, her t!ts are fake. I say her t!ts are fake, she may get mad I called them fake t!ts, but she won't deny they're fake or sue me based on her civil rights as woman that her breasts are authenticly real. But if I treat a trans woman in the same manner and say politely, "nice breast augmentation how many cc's did the put in you implants......" well I'm acknowledging they're not real breasts and the trans-woman never had or will have fully developed mammary glands. I can tell a real woman that her t!ts are fake..... but I have to tell a man who identifies as a  woman that her breasts are real or else it's a hate speech.

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