Friday, March 4, 2016

7QT Spammy Facebook Posts and Alternatives

More 7QT over at This Ain't The Lyceum

Can you name a city that doesn't have the letter O in it?
How may squares can you see? 
A photo of child with a tragic medical condition "Can I get an 'AMEN'?!?" or else be shamed with guilt as you scroll by

2. It's OK to admit you participated in these viral based posts, that seemingly get 200k in likes and 8000 comments. But social media is about connecting and sharing actual content. I've had conversations with others about how these posts work. Usually a radio station my utilize this concept as a viral addition, but does it create click and to where?

3. They don't add to the conversation with friends or family either. Do I really care if my cousin can get that math equation correct? Is he really a genius!

4. What can we do about it? It seems these internet memes are popular and aren't going away. So what types of questions should we want to ask out friends and family. Do you remember Catholic All Year's "Ask Me This" series? That's actually I good resource of questions, but just put them in Internet meme form to be shared on Facebook.

5. I created some of my own, I ask you to "save" the image and then share that image of your choice on Facebook, It would be great if you could comment and give me feedback.


7. Again take these images and share of your choosing. I'm trying to see if we can't bring some joy back to social media.


  1. I'm not a fan of the memes or the quizzes. I like your idea for more meaningful questions.
    We didn't road trip much when I was a kid, but now as adults, my husband and I load up the kids for road trips all the time. And we do things very much like the Griswolds. :)

  2. The grandmother one has at least 15 shares on Facebook, I'm trying to think of things that are universal without it being divisive. I ironic part is that my grandmother never cooked for us. I was the youngest of the grandchildren, she already lived in elderly housing and would take me out to eat.