Friday, March 18, 2016

7QT Good news on our views on marriage


Survey: More Acceptance of Social Changes _ Except Divorce

"The government periodically asks thousands of teens and younger adults what they think about changes in U.S. family relationships. The results released Thursday indicate a shift over a decade on a range of topics. But most surprising was what they said about divorce.Asked if divorce is the best solution when a marriage is on the rocks, 38 percent of women agreed, down from 47 percent a decade earlier. For men, it was 39 percent, down from 44 percent.
Divorce in the U.S. has become more common through the generations, and there's an assumption that acceptance would be holding steady or perhaps increasing, some experts said."

This is good. The underlying purpose and function of marriage is still somehow there. Sure there is a lot of media and political lobbying to divert our attentions, but from a personal point of view marriage matters.

Everyone is quite nervous about speaking up. If I say a mother and father are equally important, and that matrimony is to be addressed at a public policy level as a man and a woman, well guess what you know what will happen to people like me. Somehow it will be twisted that I really dislike people who are gay, even if it isn't true. It stinks, but it is what it is.

People given the conditions in our current state of untrustworthiness towards marriage, they can rationally fear a divorce.

Interesting point in this study, more people on average approve of gay adoption then they do of homosexual behavior?
 Say same-sex relationships are fine; about 60 percent of women, 49 percent of men.

— Agree gay and lesbian adults should have the right to adopt children; 75 percent of women, 68 percent of men.
Even with my work at DCF I never had a conflict with gay adoption, usually by a family member who happens to be gay. Adoption in these situations are not about an intentional denial of birth parents, but rather birth parents are not in a situation that they can safely parent their children due to substance abuse or mental health. Children should not be removed simply due to a parent's young age or if the parents are poor.

Adoption (as needed, not as a want) is much different then third party procreation, a child produced by means of contract and parents are 'clients'. That's human trafficking.  When I speak of adoption, I do not speak of preying on an impoverished woman by an affluent couple who can give her child a better life. Why not give the mother and father and better life, if you really care about this baby?

7. Fun question. 

Yes, this is actually a family based question. I've noticed foster teens in group homes get denied this. Teens in foster homes, where the parent is willing to help get their licence. Not having anyone to teach you to drive from my point of view is child neglect. (No, you do not have to buy them a car.)


  1. Hear hear.

    Re driving, I don't remember, but I think it was my Father.  But, Family is important. I taught my wife to drive a shift—our Morgan +4.  Soon she was double-clutching from Second into First.  And a Grandson.  A stick.

    Regards  —  Cliff

  2. I also read a study a while back that while the average age of marriage is rising, young people still rate it as highly important: they just see it as more of a "pinnacle" or "capstone" event to a successful life as opposed to something you do while you are still acquiring said successful life.

    1. The problem is that pinnacle is now so unattainable.

    2. The problem is that pinnacle is now so unattainable.