Friday, February 26, 2016

I rarely snap, but when I do it's because I really think it was warranted.

Jesus didn't put up with crap and sometimes the Pope can be stern and upset with people's actions. So if you push me, I'll forgive you. If you push me twice, I'm apologize for being upset and stern, because I really don't desire to shovel the crap you attempted to give me. If you push me a third time, you're just asking for it. No one's perfect and I always take the side that there's miscommunication, but some people. 

Some people....

Well some people just relish being a cocky jerk. They think they're being smart or intelligent. They're just being a Trump wannabe. They are not there to weed out differences and find common ground. 


Tried to engage with a person about family public policy, it's a deal breaker for me when voting. It was a nice conversation about one's conscious and even voting a blank ballot if needed. I wasn't looking to get into a pissing contest. 

Of course someone wants to come in all in Social Justice Warrior mode with their 1% backed lobby talking points, that a discussion about family stability is someone damning people to hell imposing their religion. OK, pause think about that. That's really nuts. But well, most if people think that way now a days. Or maybe you're agree with me, but you don't need to be unfriends and harassed falsely as a ignorant person. Or maybe you disagree, but we can discuss real and practical talking points like people did before social media. 

But well you just scroll along. I get it. I understand.  


  1. I was informed privately by a third party, that the individual was a really crappy childhood. That's really sad, but we'll I'm not going to get treated poorly over it with out you being accountable for your behavioras an adult.

  2. SJWs are simply fascists seeking to shut down discussion. There's nothing substantive to them at all.

    1. Try telling them that with charity and mercy, when they want to throw off an established and reasonable discussion.