Tuesday, February 9, 2016

7QT Regrets of a Stay at Home Mother

More Quick Takes at "This Ain't The Lyceum"

1. Don't try to make me feel good telling me that being a mother is the MOST important job in the word.  It isn't a job, it's a vocation.

2. Was it really a choice? Well, it was a choice of our to have more then two children. It made economical sense due to costs of daycare. Would I ever been a stay at home mom if I just had two children? No way. I worked with two children, and probably would of moved on with a legal career if I wasn't so open to have move children. My choice to have more children is the determining factor, not wanting to be a stay at home mother.

3. I couldn't have fore tell the fall out of the economy. I feel quite trapped, that I may never be able to reboot myself in the working world. Too over qualified, but no paid working experience.

4. Volunteering is different then working. Even on a resume. Even when you had obligations in your volunteering role. Volunteering is giving your time and skill with no expectation in return. I would be volunteering, even if I was working.

Working... You expect something.

5.  I've been on several interviews, but never the right fit. Sometimes the offer was just embarrassing (sorry, it was) or there was a better qualified candidate. I'm sure employers get dozens of resumes, glad to make the cut with an interview.

6. If I was still having children, I wouldn't be writing this. Right now all of my children are in school. There were a few hic-cups, because the youngest had development needs that made our schedule less routine. Ideally I should have been looking for work a few years ago, but time wise I couldn't manage it.

7. Now I can manage it. I would like to work. Even have a career.


  1. I remember being concerned about some of the same things. I hope it goes well for you!