Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Preying on those desperate for work (Part 2)

I have been warned I shouldn't talk about my job searching experience, but considering I'm pretty open about my opinions of faith and on public policy well why not talk about the job searching process? It is something that should be discussed and I have had very good experiences in interviews even when I didn't get the position. 

 It is a lot different then when I have previously looked for work, though 

In the past even when I was single without children and no mortgage/bills (not even a car payment), the options were limitless and there was growth everywhere. Even when I was in law school, people were 'dropping out' not because the legal field was so bad, but the job opportunities everywhere were so good! Even where I was working part-time nights in a professional setting for a global financial firms wanted to me either drop out or go to school par-time to work for them. There were benefits and overtime and raises and bonuses and.... and... and.... a world we could only dream about with nostalgic memories we tell our children. 

So I'm scrolling through Craig's List twice a day for something that fits into my criteria and yet again for the third time the Mueller Reports listing is up.  Lots of these delivery/transportation start ups with big promises, but according to Glassdoor the associate just wears down their car with little cash at the end of the day. 

Lot's of restaurant help requested, but I wonder who are these people going out to eat? 

Also a lot of listings for bilingual English/Spanish, but I notice there was little pay increase offered for someone who could speak both languages effectively.  I would like my children to be fluent in Spanish for employment opportunities (they start in 5th grade at the school they attend), but what is being asked doesn't increase pay. Are firms low-balling? I would definitely ask for more if I could speak and write in Spanish. 

Law firms are hurting badly, but the pay I've seen has been depressing for office staff. I've even seen unpaid internships. I can see an unpaid internship for a non-profit, which would essentially be volunteering but for firms that are not? No. Stay away. I have been actively volunteering in the community, but these are not fields I am interested for work and both situations are non-profit. 

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