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Preying on those desperate for work (The Mueller Report experience)

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My blog has been quiet, because I've been looking specifically for part time work within a ten mile radius. I've had several interviews over the past few months, but no 'match'. Otherwise happy just to get a call back and all of the potential employers are businesses I would personally recommend, even if I didn't get the job (except one, read below).

I realize I'm over qualified without experience, so I get a lot of 'why are you applying to this job, you should be in Boston at a law firm'. Primary reason my husband's salaried position requires more than 40 hours plus 45 minutes of commute each way which means both of us can not be out of the house 12 hours a day even with older children, because now they have activities.

2. I applied to this ad on Craig's List posted by Mueller Reports to be a home surveyor for insurance companies. One would go to policy owner's homes in your area, measure for square footage, and take photos of potential hazards, later at home (in the evening) upload the photos and file a report.

The advertisement

Home Surveyor - Lowell, MA *No Exp Needed / Paid Training* (Middlesex County)

Overview:Mueller Services, Inc. has been a national insurance services provider since 1980. The company is recognized by top insurance carriers for providing industry leading quality, customer service and technology. Mueller Services, Inc. takes pride in recruiting and training motivated individuals for either full or part time careers in the insurance data collection industry.
Due to increased ordering and new customers throughout the state of Massachusetts, Mueller is looking for a number of motivated individuals to fill new expansion positions. These positions pay $15 per hour plus bonus potential to make up to $18 per hour. We are currently hiring for part time positions with the opportunity to advance to a full time position with benefits. The training is mostly online with some field training, and is paid at $10 per hour.
We are looking for:Part-Time remote Field Representative (20-35 hours per week)Possbile Full-Time for the right candidateOpportunities in all Middlesex County

3. Sounds good? Right. So I applied Wednesday January 6th, and on Thursday morning there was an email to call a number for an initial interview. I called at 9am and passed that interview. I had to partake in a 30 minute web conference at 3pm. I was eager to work, so I told the children just be quiet and stay on your tablets until I was done. After the web conference/call in with 20 other individuals all over the country, we were informed to make a second interview. I did for Wednesday January 13th at 10.  This second interview was a call in, not face to face with a regional manager of field reps.

4. So I wait, which still looking for work. I looked up with company's website, but didn't check out website like 'Glassdoor'. In the meantime I was searching for work and I noticed the the job I was interviewing on Wednesday the 13th was reposted again on the Tuesday the 12th. ?????

I called in and had a lengthy 60 minute interview, and the guy at the other end said I had the job at 15 dollars an hour and the HR will email me the documents.

Two days later nothing. That's right. They offered me a job and then ghosted on me. I actually tried to call on on Wednesday afternoon at 4:30, but there call center at 23 people in line on hold. I was on the phone for an hour waiting then the phone center closed.

5. I dodged a bullet with these guys. It's a scam. Not your typical scam.

It's not really 15 dollars an hour, because you spend a lot of your time driving (while not being paid) for a 30 minute survey. You have to use all of your own equipment/phone/printer/paper/ink at your own expense. They really do not pay by the mile, instead it is a tax reimbursement. Mueller pays for no overhead. They have no logistic team to handle scheduling (because you have to make schedule) but not really, it is the home owners who make the schedule, and basically you have to cold call them with your personal cell phone number. Are they going to answer it? Would you? If I leave a voicemail, will they even listen to it and call back? If they call back, will it be at 7:30 at night. Will I be out grocery shopping? Will it be on a Sunday morning at Mass? I have to answer it, because if I don't make the appointment at their convenience I do not get paid. What if everyone wants Saturday mornings (which I could not do), instead of Tuesday and Thursday evenings. All this phone tag back and forth isn't considered a work. And the company wanted to have these done within 2-3 days from being assigned or ELSE!!!!

Mueller Reports claims that they do not utilize independent contractors, but hire their own employees. What does the above look to you? According to the reviews at Glassdoor, at the end of the day you made very little for being available to the beck and call of your part-time job every waking moment of your day.

There Is Already A Place In Hades Reserved The Noe Brothers ” (the owners of Mueller Reports)

7. There is also a  400 post thread from Inspection News on Mueller Reports, the first post in 2008. The discussion is most licensed home inspectors, and actually goes into 2015.

From 2009 (not muellers, but in the thead)

I had a call last week from a well known "Draw Inspection" company, that I have worked with for about 8 years. They needed 6-8 exterior photos, and complete a one page form of a strip shopping center. The town is about 30 miles away from me as the crow flies, with no easy way to get to the town. I told them it would be $150 and they said they could only pay $75 and she would need to get permission to pay that! The young lady said that they could not pay the $150 and that they would need to find someone else to do the inspection. 
I hope that the jobbers are learning that they need to charge their clients more than what they are doing. The sad thing is that they will always find some poor hungry schmuck to do the work.

That was 2009,

It's 2016. 

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