Friday, January 29, 2016

7QT Praying for vocations and the history of this chalice

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1.  This week our family is hosting the Elijah Chalice as we pray for vocations for the priesthood in our Archdiocese.

2. When we received the cup at Sunday Mass last week, I noticed that there was an inscription to Father Michael O'Brien Saint Patrick's Rochester NY December 1865. This chalice is over a 150 years old!

3. Who is Father O'Brien? How did this chalice end up at Saint Michael's here in Lowell, which on the bottom states it was presented to our parish in 1960. 

4. The wonders of Google found it for me. 

OK, He ended up in Lowell, after leaving Rochester, It seems like this chalice was a going away gift from his parishioners. 

5. Along with the grape/wheat design, there are three images of three women. Philomena with an anchor (an early Christian martyr), Saint Claire holding the Eucharist, and a third woman with three children. No idea who the third is. It also three images of what I again presume to be Jesus, Mary, & Joseph.

Philomena was a popular Saint at the time (mid-1800s), but there is also a back story to her as well. She is no longer listed as a Saint.  Very interesting.

6. These is quite a bit of documentation on Father Michael O'Brien in the History Of Middlesex County Massachusetts Volume 2. on page 274-303

7. Including his photo!

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