Thursday, January 21, 2016

7QT Empty buildings,looking for work,& good news on marriage!

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1. I've been talking about looking for work. It is well difficult to find that right match. The logistics of commute and time have really constrained to reach out and find something I really would love to do. And loving something doesn't mean legal, it really could be anything and then slowing transition back to being an active attorney.

2. The legal field is dead. Dead, I say. In my "Preying on those desperate for work (part 3)", the sadness of seeing unpaid internships for law students. Also some interesting jobs paid by the political establishment, like being a paid grassroots activist to proselytize on the sidewalks of Boston.

3. I also posted about empty buildings and baby boomer nostalgia that has irked me lately. Historic preservation for the sake of historic preservation feels more like a divorced wife holding on to the house, she can't afford and had any real use for. She's just clinging on to the past. I love history. But in this preservation, I've seen this strange false narrative to make to more then what it was (or is), as in my fake Cathedral post. 

4. Do you want to hear something good about Faith & Family? I know I do.

“One big reason so many families of color are thriving is that they tend to be more religious than the average American,” said Wilcox, who is also director of the National Marriage Project and a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. An estimated 50,000 congregations serve blacks and Latinos in the United States, where 36 percent of African-Americans and 29 percent of Latinos attend church frequently (several times a month or more).
Look the data for young men of color is horrific, here is a slice in our communities (I live in an urban area) where there is light.

5. With who I associate and befriend as secular atheists, those who are doing well come from a stable family background that usually had religion in. Of course the sort of shrug off the idea, but faith is this keystone. Nothing really works without it. Sure we may try to replicate it through public policy(social programs), or destroy it by eroding our religious freedoms(contraception mandate), or smearing it in a public campaign as 'hate' (marriage).

6. Wilcox and Wolfinger recently published "Soul Mates", we all know it's bad so lets look at what is working. And what is working is in our churches (no matter the denomination), I could attest to this even at the Hindu temple where my one of kids plays chess.

7.  Not much else. 


  1. Agree re preservation as preservation. Need a purpose. Jim Peters has a purpose to preservethefactoryon Thorndyke.

    Regards  —  Cliff

  2. "Sure we may try to replicate it"

    Replicate what exactly?

  3. "Nothing really works without it."

    More explanation needed here I think. What is it that won't work without it? Marriage?

  4. "or destroy it by eroding our religious freedoms(contraception mandate)"

    Surely you're not suggesting that the Little Sisters of the Poor are having their faith violated by being asked to say on paper that their faith doesn't let them to do a thing, so that the government doesn't make them do that thing.

  5. Re Chess, good it is the Hindu Temple. Some Imam in KSA ruled, just recently, that chess is evil.

    For Mr Lynne. I thought it was pretty clear. I think in terms of DC, NE vs SE. NE is better soil for a family than SE.

    Regards  —  Cliff

  6. The way I read it, the claim isn't that it's "better" but that it's required. That families that don't have faith are dysfunctional. At least that's what is implied by the use of the term "nothing". It is taken as evidence that a background in a stable family must be because it is also a background in a religious family.

  7. Chris

    But, I would say that it is not "this generation".  I think it may take a couple of generations to squeeze out the goodness.

    I would say that Paris Hilton does OK because she has money, but also because she has that small amount of "culture" inherited from her family.

    Regards  —  Cliff