Friday, November 6, 2015

7QT I'm angry, and that's OK.

This Ain't The Lyceum has a post about it not stealing your day.

1, I'm angry, with good cause. It's not like I'm steaming and wasting my time over it. Wait. I do. I always try to reframe it. I said try. Try! good advice from above.

2. I've been doing DCF Foster Care reviews for five years now. And this past Monday was tough. I can't talk about it, due to the privacy of the children/teens, But tough day. It just kills me to see children with no supports, no parents or other relatives with the ability to love them. In two situations, non-family took advantage of these children. Again in detail I will not say. But I was angered. Happy to see these children in safer situations, but it worry about everything we don't learn or find about.

3. Pornography. It's angers me. There has been a few articles about how porn is somehow not bad for someone. Predators usually never see that they are harmful to themselves, they don't feel it. I have very strong opinions about, and due to privacy of past relationships I've seen the addiction. I don't speak ill of my ex from twenty years ago. (This was prior to the internet!). His use of it, prevented him from loving me. In fact I think he did love me, He would of made a terrible spouse and father. I would always have to compete with pornography.

4. A lot of people struggle with it, and it's everywhere. They actually love their spouse and family, but like with anger it steals your day. This is why we have the public screen rule in our home. My children can read and see what I have on my screen, and vice versa. No screens (TVs.phones) in our bedrooms.

5. Pornography is equivalent of a bird humping a rock and the scientists in observation joke how dumb the bird is. We watch a lot of PBS nature. Sex is awkward enough, watching for entertainment and masturbation really is quite foolish when you look at the bigger picture.

6. Profanity. There is another publicity video of political operative Luke Montgomery. He has been known for his stunts over the past two decades. You make know him from the "Potty Princesses", not he has another one with Latino children using the middle finger towards Donald Trump. I do not care or even like Trump. but I don't need to use profanity or make my children use profanity.

7. The Left always accused the Right of being "Idiocracy", but considering the videos. A old blogger from the Opine Editorial days just noted on Facebook, how CNN always talks about the Republicans and FOX always about the Democrats. We love to hate. Hate steals.

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