Monday, October 19, 2015

Opining about the Idiocracy

The movie Idiocracy is always reference in current time, as if it was/is prophetic. That problem is no one admits to being the idiot. Too many my views are on the idiotic side. Even when I was posting on Opine Editorials, there was dissenting blog post on another blog titled, "Opine Idiotorials".

What's so idiotic acknowledging the family?

Yes, we are all too broken to admit it.

The good majority of my adult friends and acquaintances either experienced this brokenness as children or had a disruption themselves as an adult in their relationship, where they are divorced or no longer partners with the other parent of their child/children.

If anyone wants to accuse me of being judgmental on others, I'm not.

I'm acknowledging their stresses (wounds) if you have to analogize it.

I fear my own divorce. Not that there is anything wrong in my marriage, but rather my husband and I can see how easily it can fall apart. How easily to become selfish and not think of the other, how easily it could be one person giving 100% and the other 0%,

My friends on social media, the great majority disagree with me. I look and examine their posts. At times it isn't that I disagree with them either, but I just think something is distinctly a different idea/concept and not the same. But at time their motivating factor behind a shared/like item isn't about spiritual friendship or marriage, but the an idea that lacks sacrificial love. A love that is reduced to a snaky joke that it's about hate, or two Barbies without a Ken having a play wedding together.

When I live in a world where clever packing of social media bits and bites confuse and plant misconstruing ideas, that it's all about obsessing about gay people. I still take this marriage thing seriously, and if my husband and I can overcome the overwhelming tide of breakdown that would be really nice.

Saint Louis & Zelie Martin, a few prayers would be much appreciated for everyone.

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