Thursday, October 15, 2015

Despite everything, "family still matters" rich or poor....

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1. My last post was September 30th. It was the Watershed moment int he culture wars. Nothing changed, except how the media now treats Pope Francis. 

"I live in a society, that even I teach my children that “even gay kids have a mom & dad”, they can easily face ridicule by some social justice warrior who wants to be them in their place, in which I’m now have to instruct  them be stay quite on the subject in public. Remember when everyone went hysterical with “Who am I to judge?”, but if anyone actually read the transcript it was the Pope being critical of the gay lobby."

2. Professor Ann Althouse speaks on the effects of divorce on the Trump children, and looking back how Donald Trumps reflected on his first marriage.

Trump is now married to his third wife, and I supposed I think more highly of a man who's on his third wife if I know that he regretted ever leaving his first wife. But how awful to be 12 years old and to see everyone reading about your father giving some woman who is not your mother the best sex she ever had.
3. The cable channel "Oxygen" is having a new program, "Finding my Father"

The eight-episode series follows 16 young women and men taking a leap of faith in the hope of connecting with their biological fathers for the first time. Using social media, distant family connections, and the assistance of private investigators, these bold young people attempt to piece together details about their fathers' lives and current whereabouts in order to answer key questions and heal the emotional scars left by their absence. 

4. You know how I sometimes say even gay atheist biracial children have a mom and dad? Well so do transgender kids who grew up in foster care after their mother passes. 

"Alexandra, age 24: Alexandra is a transgender actress and singer who grew up in foster care and was separated from her eight siblings. Her mother passed away when she was nine, and her remaining family is not supportive of her transition. As Alexandra approaches the last stage of becoming her true self, she hopes her father will accept and embrace her."

5. Family and stability. A lot of discussion of multiple cohabitations of mothers and how it may affect their child's well being. An effect of multiple partners is also multiple movings, from home to home with no stability. They are connecting this to education outcomes.

Frequent school moves hurt low-income childrens' math scores

On average, children moved 1.38 times over the five years between Head Start and third grade. Fifty-four children (14 percent) remained in the same school between Head Start and third grade, whereas 327 children (86 percent) moved at least once over this time period. Forty children (10 percent) experienced frequent mobility, changing schools three or four times.
The Chicago public schools system has an open enrollment policy that allows children to enroll in any of its schools, not just the one closest to their home. This increases parents' ability to change schools if they are unhappy with a school's climate, teachers or other students, according to the article
Lowell has such a situation in which there is an open enrollment, and children are not automatically placed in the same school.

46 minutes agoICYMI: I'll be at the rally tomorrow, where will protest outside:
I'll pass. Trump and abortion advocates, together.  I saw an opinion piece upset that a public school was being used. A little frustrating that people can't see it is merely renting out space, and not the government endorsement.

7.  There are other topics on my mind, but I can't transition to them at the moment since I'm  on my last quick take. 


  1. Great round up of stories and articles. I think they all point to one point. We are all broken people probe to hurt, offend, and disable each other. The family is so great for the same reason it is so vulnerable... In the community of family we have the capacity to grow in holiness or selfishness.

    It sounds cliche, but people need Jesus. I am trying to figure out what is the best way for us to give them what thier truly looking for.


  2. Regarding math scores for you children, I am wondering if low income is a correlation and not a causation.  In the military dependent children can move frequently, but I have not heard of low math scores.

    Time and again I wonder if we should be spending less on educating the children and more on educating the parents of the children. Educating the parents not just in math, but also in cultural competency.

    Regards  —  Cliff

  3. Having atleast one parent consistly employed with healthcare? You have to be pretty stable to begin with to get in and stay in the military, as well.