Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Watershed moment in the Culture Wars

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Watershed moment in the Culture Wars

I wish I could just post cute picks of dogs and kids, but social media is also about discussions, the same way we use to talk about politics at the dinner table or with friends 25 years ago. So yes, I’m writing this and posting it publicly.

Now that’s it has been confirmed that Pope Francis has met with Kim Davis (reported by the New York Times/Rome Reports), I’m your Kim Davis. I think you all know that by now. Every time I saw any one posted/shared/liked something that vilified Kim Davis, I said a prayer for her, you, and myself. I knew I couldn’t of done what she did, and I would made a different argument in my defense of marriage, but everyone I have to say I’m was very upset how you participated in the nasty bullying of this woman.

It wasn’t direct, it was passive. You didn’t create that nasty meme or wrote that mocking status update, you just shared and liked it. I said a prayer. But I did it with frustration and anger. Are you happy you made her, in this digital age, a martyr? Haven’t you read the lives of Saints, the most remarkable ones were the sinners (the hot messes).  And that is what draws me to Christ.

Back in June when everyone decided have their rainbow profiles, sponsored by Facebook, I spoke up on the logical conflicts that many of you in rainbow had a married mother and father. I shared a story of a teenager who loved her moms (bio mom & paternal aunt), but wanted her uncle (really her bio father) to be a dad. I also clearly acknowledge in fact there are many well-intended and just things I in fact agreed upon with everyone.  In the course of the conversation, I had to use strong language to defend myself from a false accusation of bigotry. For the most part the rainbow profiles I shrugged off as a fad, everyone wanted to be a part of love, equality, and whatever the 1% social media landowners markets to us serfs.

The person who called me a loser, eventually unfriended me on Facebook, even though we are acquaintances with mutual friends and interests at a local level. Again I used language I try to avoid, but yes I called her phony and I don’t regret that.  If you try to shove me up against the lockers for brownie points to be cool with the media and political idols, I have to punch back only as a last resort. I try to avoid cat fights, local friends know that.

 I should say though, it’s wrong in conversation to use personalized name calling. So I should regret it that, but right now I’m not there. Again I’m angry and frustrated, forgive me. But I won’t regret arguing against fraudulent claim.

I live in a society, that even I teach my children that “even gay kids have a mom & dad”, they can easily face ridicule by some social justice warrior who wants to be them in their place, in which I’m now have to instruct  them be stay quite on the subject in public. Remember when everyone went hysterical with “Who am I to judge?”, but if anyone actually read the transcript it was the Pope being critical of the gay lobby.

Yes, I have and will still be holding my views strongly on the understanding and support of the family. Cracks can occur with family disruption, but with enough social supports the foundation can be mended and rebuilt. The problem is in so many situations for children, their foundation has completely crumbled.

Now does anyone want to talk public policy, because President Obama had some great legislation back in 2007 on responsible fatherhood and marriage?

I’m also in disbelief that so many Catholics can’t accept that the Pope met with Kim Davis.

I’m your Kim Davis.

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  1. Added. I tried to wait it out before commenting. At this point people will make whatever they wish out of this. Conspiracy theories, assumptions, speculations and all.