Friday, September 4, 2015

Tip toeing around the word marriage

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At Fountains of Home 

"The message from these men is that they welcome the attention and greater inclusion in their partners’ pregnancy" -Fatherhood Project at Massachusetts General Hospital


The dangerous separation of the American upper middle class - Brookings

In itself, the relationship between upper middle class status and family structure may seem of little concern. Whether people choose to marry or not is a personal choice. But family structure, as a marker and predictor of family stability, makes a difference to the life chances of the next generation. To the extent that upper middle class Americans are able to form planned, stable, committed families, their children will benefit—and be more likely to retain their childhood class status when they become adults.

3. I live in a "marriage desert", as in it feels like I'm the only married (non-divorced) person in my social circle. 

The Pope said that the alliance of the family with God is called today to combat, what he called, the communal desertification of the modern city. He continued by saying that no political and economic policy can replace the contribution that families make to society, adding that we need to open up the love and warmth of the family to the city.

4. I have to admit my charity to be patient is bit lost. I'm suppose to be a beacon of light in the fog, and I'm failing miserably. It just sad. And it's not the disagreements. It's the snark. 

Everything it just mocking snark. 

5.  A Deacon's view on Kermit & Miss Piggy's divorce. 

6. It's worth repeating.... 

So I guess we will be fed to the lions, for social media pleasure. April 13, 2012
"Because even if you can't call it marriage, the state will always have the interest in a child being raised by biological kin in a stable environment. It will be costly and disruptive for the child, if parents do not vow as husband and wife to be married or whatever we will call it"

7.  Shrugs Shoulders. Yeah, I'm the crazy one. Whatever. I'm not telling anyone to shove it, or anything like that.  Because hey, I'm your beacon of light!

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