Saturday, September 5, 2015

"Shove it"

What if I could just tell people to "shove it"? 

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We live in a split reality, I can find articles from progressive/liberal outlets expressing concern as if the old definition exists. I have friends who all went to rainbow tinted profiles, who just two weeks earlier boasted about how awesome their father is. The ability to get the most out of your parents full engagement is when mom & dad are in a healthy relationship together (not as friends, living separately) but as a couple. You & I have never had issue with anyone who acknowledged themselves as gay, but now we're have been created as monsters by the SJW multi media. God forbid to mention that bible marriage is based on "honor your mother & father" and civil marriage presumes paternity in good faith , because I grew up with gay kids having a mom & dad. I'm sick of being called crazy/stupid/bigot. What Kim Davis is doing is legally wrong. But it's an act of civil disobedience. And if she has no issue with being jailed, it's probably the most effective way to tell the political elite and the controlled media narrative to SHOVE IT!

We all know marriage is dead, which technically makes this new definition of marriage also dead. 15 years ago researchers noticed if an individual thought marriage was dead, the more likely they were in favor of gay marriage. I prefer to say child focused vs. adult focused or new vs. old definitions, to try to stay out of the culture war banter. In 2010, 40% of Americans thought marriage was dead. It's not a judgment on single parents/or parents trying to coparent as friends, simply life is less complicated with less guilt when a child has mom & dad together. I actually will try to help out separated parents if I have to, because we have to rebuild from somewhere. Simple things like birthday parties/sleepovers, can become difficult. My son has a classmate, who has never gone to birthday parties/sleep overs, because it's dad's weekend. We made an extra attempt to get this boy to my son's birthday, by reaching out. That's great this child sees his dad, but the child is also missing a lot. Mom may not tell dad, or dad may fear looking like a bad parent if he doesn't see his child for half of the weekend. Or maybe dad tries to fill up the schedule with so much stuff out of guilt. I'm married to the father of my kids, my husband doesn't feel guilty if our kids are GONE for a few hours or overnight or full week at camp. My husband doesn't feel guilty if we just hang out and do nothing all weekend. There is no "my time" or "his time", the kids just live here and we're their parents.

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I wish there will be a state who will say "shove it". 
Strike out all of the state's marital/divorce laws, but keep the licensing to comply with federal tax law/policy. Just you know as a piece of paper. Then if someone wants a divorce, then tell them to petition to federal courts. If the federal courts really want to define marriage, then they can deal with the mess of divorce. 
I'm waiting for federal courts having to deal with parental custody issues, and have to sit through who will pick up little Glen from blogging club on Thursday, because his mom hates his dad's new girlfriend and her spoiled princess daughter. But for all we know little Glen may like dad's place, because mom's new boyfriend walks around in his underwear.
Deal with the petty crap that happens day to day affecting families when things fall apart, I want Justice Kennedy to deal with that over and over and over.....
You know what is unfair? Making someone go to a wedding. Worse? Guilting them into the bridal party. Seriously how cruel at the end of the day guests can easily shell out 1000 dollars for the freaking day.
***Kidding aside, why would it be practical to get married in state B, when you live in state A and that marital ceremony would not be recognized? The only practical reason to demand a divorce in state A, when didn't recognize your marriage to begin with. It's like this Kim Davis situation, where it was a couple from Ohio who drove to Kentucky to a country of a population of 23k to get the clerk to refuse them with the media all present?***
A legal marriage is a marriage, without the big fancy wedding at the hotel /ocean/farm or not. Save your loved ones the money, have a pot lock with no bridal party in the backyard 
Oh yes, what a beautiful gazebo..... what super cute center pieces... Isn't the dog as the jr. officiant just adorable. Oh yay another highly coordinated groomsmen dance. 
Just stay married, and don't get a divorce. 
I've come to enjoy funerals with the wake/service/mecry meals afterwards, more then any wedding. 

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