Monday, September 14, 2015

Quirky observation in Lowell, and the conversation that went down hill from it.

I'm active on Facebook, and I belong to a closed forum about things Lowell. Initially it was open, but I believe accidentally closed and the settings can not be under from my understanding.

I was sitting in traffic at Bridge and the VFW, when my seven year old son became upset that two people were 'breaking the law' in the Dunkin Donuts parking lot. Two people were making out/kissing and being very handsy. Eleven year old visibly upset with disgust, "It's Dunkin Donuts, not the Eiffel Tower." Seven year old more worried that they were going to get run over by a car. .... ‪#‎Lowell‬ There's lot to like.

This post was about blocking traffic in the Dunkins Donuts parking lot of one of the most busiest intersections of the city and Dunkin Donuts not necessarily are expectant place for lovers.

What I got was an earful that I'm a prude, and my children have a distorted view of sex. I was told to move back to Chelmsford, and I was a hateful negative person, implying that (I, as an adult) kissing should be illegal. It was clear that two female city residents were in "Queen Bee & Wanna Bee" mode or working on their audition video for the Bad Girls Club, I get it I'm an easy target for this type of mean girl behavior. The problem is we're not in middle school, we're adults.

These two female city neighbors had previously got very upset and personal with me online, when I have to call the police for a party with binge drinking held on a vacant foreclosed home adjacent to my property. They made slight passive aggressive references to that thread, and when I was dismayed by their total misrepresentation of my posting I asked,

(Me) No one remembers the Princess Bride... Do they?

(Local Troll #1*) I do... But what does it have to do with this? I love to be enlightened! (with winking emotioncon)

(Me) The Grandson: They’re kissing again. Do we have to read the kissing parts?  with link tot he movie

I normally would not reference someone as a troll, but this was her response to quoting the Princess Bride.

 Ok... So...? I don't know Renee Aste... This just seems to be a hateful, negative post about Lowell. I see you're from Chelmsford and that's great. Maybe you should stay there before your kids end up kissing in parking lots  #Lowell is my home. There is a lot to LOVE about #Lowell. I'm sorry you can't open your eyes and your soul to see it.

How do I respond? With a google search with a reference that boys do not like seeing people kiss, and not only  is it normal, it's a universal view boys have.


They were looking for a catfight, but instead we ended up with an article about aphrodisiacs.  I did some researching, because who really thinks of donuts as being romantic?
Yep, Dunkin Donuts can be romantic as the Eiffel Tower. " In one of his studies, he looked at the effects of 30 different scents on the sexual arousal of 31 male volunteers (yes, you read that correctly). He found that the scent causing the highest level of arousal was a combination of lavender and pumpkin pie. Doughnut and black licorice came in second, and the combination of doughnut and pumpkin pie came in third. "

No response, except another female participate piling on telling I had no business posting such things on the forum.

Be careful who you offer a pumpkin donut too, you may be giving them the wrong message!

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