Friday, September 18, 2015

7QT It's OK to say this stinks. Right?

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I'm angry. And this is picture  of a table I gently put to its side last June. 

1. Ever wanted to say something uncharitable, because that person deserved it, but didn't. You didn't because you knew it would not of helped, but you felt it. I happy, I didn't. But so help me, God! I could of dished it out times three and unneedingly ripped that person apart. 

Thanks for the help, God. 

2. #1 is about this post earlier this week. "

"Quirky observation in Lowell, and the conversation that went down hill from it."

4. Can't finished. Why? I left the gas cap to the van at a gas station 25 minutes away. Easier to just get a replacement. And other minors road blocks that prevent regular function. 

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