Thursday, August 27, 2015

Seven Quick Takes: Rants about weddings & I have a resume

More Quick Takes at This Ain't the Lyceum

Recapping the summer: 

As a family we did nothing spectacular. The kids enjoyed doing nothing. Yes, they had a week of camp and dance lessons continued.

It never got hot, not one true heat wave. We've been in the pool a lot, but we never installed the air conditioning either. Our trees create a great canopy of shade.

Bearing false witness:

"to twist the argument not about public policy but to argue that Christians hate gay individuals for defending and prioritizing a child's relationship with their mother and father. Ouch. What a lie. One thing to disagree with anyone but another to scandalize another to support their self righteousness"

Rants about weddings, not marriage:

I said I hate weddings. I hate bridal parties, I hate sand/candle ceremonies, I hate filler, I hate seeing families spending tens of thousands of dollars for cookie cutter receptions at hotels somewhere off the highway in an office park, no where near either the couple's families live near.

Gazeebo/fancy stair case/ocean views/bridal dresses in the back of the closet, I'm done. 

Oh wait.... a cattle farm? You know it's about agri-tourism

Fun Home and why it was a terrible graphic novel

A graphic novel/memoir that is sexually explicit with images, may conflict with a Christian morals, but because it may conflict with one's morals doesn't make it a good book to challenge your thoughts.  Apparently from the reviews from years past, it's a ok/so-so book. 

In the Boston Globe this week 

"" It’s the child’s interests [that] are most at stake in cases like this,” Kindregan said. “They are being deprived of their parents, and they may wind up in a whole new home. So their interests need protection."
You don't say?

Random thought...

It's only the good times, that can help you through a dark time in your marriage. This why you can't be a jerk to spouse on a regular basis and get away with it, because when there is a rough patch there's nothing built upon to get through it. Someone will walk out or get kicked to the curb, by choice or necessity.

My resume

It looks good. I'm proud of it. The fact is that I won't delete my blog. I may stop posting, simply because I'm busy.  Hopefully busy. I look forward to working

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