Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rant about weddings, not marriage

I'm done with weddings, but not marriage. People know my record, and with weddings I am done. Look at it this way, if I end up not going I'm saving you money. I will still send a gift and my blessings, but I'm done with weddings.

Except... Except... You can do a simple civil/religious ceremony. Yes, your nuptials in the context of a Catholic Mass at your local parish can be simple. There is no such thing as a big church wedding, the church just happens to be big. In the backyard or at city hall, same thing.

Like I said I hate weddings. I hate bridal parties, I hate sand/candle ceremonies, I hate filler, I hate seeing families spending tens of thousands of dollars for cookie cutter receptions at hotels somewhere off the highway in an office park, no where near either the couple's families live near.

Gazeebo/fancy stair case/ocean views/bridal dresses in the back of the closet, I'm done.

We're loaded up with student debt and high costs of living, dropping 30k or whatever isn't worth it.

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