Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fun Home & Duke : Stuff White People Like (Hipsterific!) calling on the bullshit

Washington Post Op-Ed The college freshman, Brian Grasso  (a Christian) had no issue the text and discussing/writing about the literature, but the images were the concern. Citing with acknowledgement, that the majority of young men his age look explicit material for leisure/boredom he found it to be a serious issue. Who knows Duke's English department knowing that no one reads anymore, thought 'girl on girl' action would at least get the incoming freshman to crack open a book? Outright refusal to read the book seems extreme, but a highly selective school requiring a novel that can be read in under two hours??? (ETA: THis book was assigned for student orientation, not a class. This help explain a lot why it may have been chosen and his right to choose not to read it.)

A few brutally honest review from 5-8 years ago from GoodReads, mix reviews from people honestly read the novel. Funhouse isn't that great of a graphic novel, despite the praise that lead to it being of Broadway musical. It's just OK.  FYI Yes, I may read this simply for the story line dealing with parent/child relationships. This is really a graphic novel about family from a child's point of view! 

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