Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I didn't like Pixar's InsideOut

SPOILER: The concept of child brain development and how stress affects our memories felt wasted on the story. I didn't care about the girl at all, Disney Princesses deal with more trauma then her. I'm no lefty, but the girl's issues felt too "privileged". Might be terrible for a seven year old to emotionally cope with, but not an eleven year old deal with. Was she that sheltered???

 Age 11 is a better age with adolescence coming up, but they couldn't give her 11 year old problems because a 5 year old wouldn't enjoy the movie.

See the Toy Story Trilogy or Up or Wall-E again.

And when the girl (I already forgot her name) ran away to the bus station, all I could think was her becoming a victim of human trafficking. At least she brought her cell phone.

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