Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bearing False Witness

Nothing has changed, well except my ever growing ability to be unpopular. 

Over the past decade I've had good and bad conversations about the idea of marriage. If so many people think marriage is obsolete, then why are so many celebrating. And what are they celebrating?

Many friends have changed their social media profiles with the Facebook sponsored rainbow tints.

My Twitter feed is filled with corporate sponsors doing the same with their logo.

Everyone is happy. Happy Happy HAPPY

Everyone is kicking the idea that marriage is an idea that brought both parents together for the well being of the child is anti-intellectual stupid ignorant discriminatory.... and so on.... and so on.

I'm being  stoned with digital pixels of rainbows, mislabeled as hateful and a bigot and against LOVE. Yes, that is silly. Bizzare.

LOVE is LOVE! How can I be against LOVE as a Christian.

And that's the probably a bit more painful, not people are for gay marriage, but to twist the argument not about public policy but to argue that Christians hate gay individuals for defending and prioritizing a child's relationship with their mother and father. Ouch. What a lie. One thing to disagree with anyone but another to scandalize another to support their self righteousness

To quote 'Ask the Bigot"

"I do because that’s how my mother parented me. She is an exceptional mother.  If her partner would have had children, she would have totally rocked motherhood; it’s evident in every fiber of her being.Thing is, even though they are all that, they both would have failed at being fathers.
Cue sirens ‘cause when the Bigoted Hater Police hear such statements they now have the word of the highest court in our land to reinforce their misguided ideology.
Some speculate that I must hate my mom to oppose same-sex marriage. But the reality is that my support of traditional marriage stems from the fact that two men, no matter how loving, could never have replaced this mother of mine. N E V E R.
See, most traditional marriage supporters agree that consenting adults should be able to form the relationships that they choose.  What they oppose is state-endorsed motherlessness and fatherlessness. Marriage is not just about how adults feel about one another. Marriage serves a social good by connecting parents, especially fathers, to their biological children. Therefore redefining marriage redefines parenthood- in essence making mothers or fathers optional in the life of a child, which is a sociological lie regardless of what 5 justices believe. According to reason, biology and Top Shelf social science, children do not just need “role models,” or “guardians,” or even generic “parents.”  Every child is conceived by, desires to be known by, and has a right to their mother and father. Children are incapable of protecting their own rights.  That is the purview of adults.  It is one of the few things our elected officials, and justices, are supposed to do.
Now that same-sex marriage is a constitutional “right” how will those parent-child bonds be respected and encouraged?
Well, the legal system is out.

But everyone is so HAPPY as they kick around those dwindling number of people who openly express anthropological kinship as a matter of public policy and well being.


  1. Meanwhile, in places where stable, married families have vanished, poverty, ignorance and violence are rampant. Oh well. At least we don't have to keep talking about gays any more. Or do we?

    1. Oh yes you will. This is not done by gay folk, but the 1%. Think of all the media and conglomerates behind this. The oligarchy is real.