Monday, May 18, 2015

7QT Watching an Awards Show with your Teenager

More Quick Takes at This Isn't The Lyceum

1. I allowed my oldest to watch the first 90 minutes BillBoard Music Awards. She wasn't impressed. Aging rock & roll band from the 80s. Bad jokes and sexual innuendo. Lots of advertising for products for Samsung and Las Vegas tourism. Awkward moment when One Direction missing one of their members. I was in and out of the room watching it with her.

2. Hozier gives my daughter the creeps.  

You know that "Take Me to Church" guy I couldn't figure out the lyrics when it was constantly played on the radio.

The problem is that Hozier knows better. Why should I make this assumption? He attended Catholic School in Ireland. But then maybe not, because it was an expensive elite school. 

"St. Gerard's is considered one of Ireland's most prestigious and expensive fee-paying second-level institutions and many of it current students and alumni are members of Ireland's wealthiest families. Famous parents of past pupils include:Chris de BurghPhil Coulter and Colin Montgomerie. The school has also been responsible for educating members of the Spanish Royal Family"

Very sad the founder of the school was a Catholic convert.

3. Hozier is contracted with the largest recording label in the world. 

That is Universal Music Group. It is a conglomerate that gets passed around/merged by the 1%. I can't even keep track of who owns it according to Wikipedia.

Apparently the "Take Me the Church" song is about sex outside of the conjugal act, specifically homosexual acts..

Hozier goes on and on about how sex is natural, but then shouldn't he be writing a song about Natural Family Planning then?

4. For the record. Sexual orientation isn't a sin in the Church. Being gay isn't a sin,

Do I have to repeat that?

The Church doesn't dwell on homosexual acts in its teaching.  It does acknowledge that sexual acts that are closed to the openess to life are contrary to natural law. That includes both hetrero and homosexual acts.

 Read the Catechism. It's the secular world that is obsessed.

5. I'm done with the 'cut out' style of dress. This was the 'safest' one I could show you.

6. Norse style same-sex weddings are now popular, yet Norse pagan culture didn't accept homosexualty....

7. Instapundit had a discussion over the retracted study that speaking with someone who is gay can change your view on marriage within minutes...


"After seeing what happened to Brendan Eich, Orson Scott Card and the owner of El Coyote in Los Angeles, the only question I have for anybody standing on my porch or on the phone polling me about Gay Marriage is What do you want me to say to make you go away?
Why would I tell the truth to somebody who makes a habit of ruining peoples lives if they disagree with him?"

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  1. I just heard that song on the radio for the first time today. I started listening closely with the "amen" lyrics and changed the channel when I realized it was not as holistic as it sounded.