Thursday, May 14, 2015

7QT I flipped a table over marriage

More Quick Takes on This Aint The Lyceum

1. I snapped openly on Facebook.

I can't embed the video on Obama and Fathers. But here is the link. 

2. The question isn't that two people of the same sex can raise a child just as well as a biological mother and father, the question is what happened to the biological mother and father why are they not loving their child. If anyone wants to challenge that assertion that it doesn't matter, read this.  Raised by two moms, who divorced, Learned sperm donor was her uncle, but her uncle (father) refuses to even acknowledge her as his daughter, who meanwhile dotes over his 'real' daughters that he has with his wife but not with his sister's former lesbian partner. 

"My mother is my aunt, and my father is my uncle"

3. Cliff from the Right Side of Lowell acknowledged my anger....

"Renee--I am giving you a one decimal five on the John Mitchell Scale of political outrage and expression for that last comment."

4. My Response

"I'm so politically outraged, I gently put this table on its side."

5. I'm tired. Burnt out. It's not like I'm on social media all day. I actually care about how the family in my own community, as mentioned in the first quick take. That gives me joy. But I go online I just see the crap. The crap that goes viral. I try not get too upset with those who share it, because my frustration is with those who create the images/material. The thing is that many of these images aren't as much being pro-gay or pro-gay marriage, these images are more about misdirection flat out lying about Christian beliefs. 

6. I once mentioned on Facebook, that my child can easily access Harvard Medical School journals for her science project, yet we get most of our information from Internet Memes. How many times has there be a satirical piece, that gets passed around of truth? Anyone at any time can quickly Google what was really said or get a full context of scripture, and how many of our friends just scroll and share, scroll and share, repeat. 

7. In the strangest of ways, I was ReTweeted by a marriage equality group....

Consumer ads with logo get many RTs, actual concerns not so much.

This was that tweet.... no one else ReTweeted it despite that large exposure of 30k followers of Equality Rising.

Sharing an image of a rainbow oreo cookie is easy, actually caring about an issue whether it be the family or LGBT concerns isn't. Notice how many of marriage equality is tied to corporate America of the 1%?


  1. Are you burned out because you're engaging with screamers? You're arguing biology and statistics with huge sample sizes and they're just calling you names. That's what is so exhausting for me. When some judge (I think it was Kennedy on the Supreme Court) said there was no basis for opposing gay marriage, I just shrugged and said to myself, "We're all screwed now." It's like biology is some kind of primitive superstition that we've outgrown.

    1. I'm not arguing or responding. It just family, friends, & acquaintances posting in their news feeds.