Monday, April 27, 2015

7QT The Two Very Different Conversations on Marriage

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(my quick take on "Last Man on Earth" is #7 below)

1. The two conversations. One in the media & social media. You know. Christian bakers being fined and being labeled criminals. Or gay hotel owners who aren't allowed to have lunch with a conservative without threats of boycott.

But there's another one. The one we use to have. It still occurs in the shadows. 

2. Ten years ago. "Poverty and the Father Factor" Washington Post (August 1, 2005)

 But while marriage may not be a cure for poverty, it does turn out to be a fairly reliablepreventative . Isn't it worthwhile to spend more time and resources helping young people to understand the economic implications of single parenthood before they become single parents? Wouldn't it make sense to rethink our relatively recent easy acceptance of out-of-wedlock parenting?

3. Five Years ago "Poverty and Fatherhood" Harvard Kennedy School (Spring 2010)

The involvement of these men in their children’s lives, however, doesn’t always match their desire for fatherhood. Nelson explains that acrimonious relationships between the parents and subsequent relationships with others often complicate men’s ability to maintain involvement with their children.
4.  Last Year "To Break Cycyle of Poverty, Teaching Mom & Dad to Get Along (NPR July 8, 2014

"A long list of research has explained such choices by citing the depressed wages and dwindling prospects of lesser-educated men in today's globalized economy. But Jennette feels strongly that family — or at the least more supportive, stable relationships even if couples aren't together — can be life changing. And she worries that a generation raised without two parents at home doesn't know how to create that. So Community Action overhauled its approach this year."

5. This week "They do:They scholary about face on marriage" Boston Globe April 26, 2015 

"The new champions of marriage disagree on how, and even whether, to encourage marriage through public policy. Nonetheless, there is an emerging consensus around an idea that would have sounded retrograde just a few decades ago: that having married parents is best for children’s well-being, that marriage is beneficial for parents’ psychological and economic stability, and that it should be a priority in public policy."

Image from Boston Globe story.

6. Notice the sources of these reports? Not necessarily conservative outlets. One conversation for the media and entertainement, and another for public policy and reality.

7. And lastly I'm a big fan of Fox's Last Man on Earth 

As in "Not if you were the last man on Earth" 

Think Gilligan's Island but the characters try to form sexual relationships. It's a comedy. Marriage as an committed institution, didn't last three weeks as a storyline for Carol and Phil#1 (Tandy) . Considering they only knew each other for days and people started to show up.  The other couple just hooked up, didn't last either when the Todd told Melissa he loved her. Tandy and Todd are now extremely envious of Dream Date  #Phil2, who now has four women pawing all over him. 

It's a comedy. The type of show you could write a college paper on. Extremely cringe-worthy awkward, especially the bedroom scenes. Not because of the sexual content, there's none. But the sexual euphemisms are beyond hysterical. I don't know how the actors keeps a straight face. 

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