Saturday, February 21, 2015

What Fox's Empire gets right about gay parenting

Yeah, I'm one of the millions enjoying Fox's Empire. The ratings are through the roof. In my previous post on the show, I was very happy how they portrayed the gay character, Jamal is no magical elf (not my term). Despite the larger then life personalities, all of the actors on the show have done a wonderful job making the characters humans and not stereotypes. 

Jamal's a dad. The child is from a previous relationship, apparently as a sham marriage, but to make the best of the situation Jamal had sex with his wife. 

Jamal's a dad, and his orientation is absolutely irrelevant. Jamal's a dad, and from the previews it is hoped that Jamal will be an engaging loving father. 

Flip 180 degrees....

 a married lesbian couple in New Jersey. They’ve had their parenting expectations upended—twice—by the sperm donors of their two kids. Both men agreed, in writing, to provide their raw materials and to leave the parenting to the women. But then they decided that, after all, they’d like to have some role in the lives of their biological children, so they applied for visitation rights. As of now, the bio dads are winning


What if the sperm donor was gay?

Would that matter, because the lesbian parents would be denying the child a gay parent. Right?

Please read the article on Slate. 

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  1. Comment to add... I know where the story line went. Luscious is the dad, not Jamal. Jamal makes a good older brother though.