Wednesday, February 18, 2015

7QT Explaining STDs to a 13 year old

More 7QT takes at "This Ain't the Lyceum"

1. This is a third installment of this series.

Explaining STDs to an 11 year old girl

Explaining STDs to a 12 year old girl 

This will be the last installment, because my daughter will be 13 soon, and she will be a teenager. Don't worry I have three younger sons.

2.  This books helps! My daughter has read it about three times already.

3. So I've decided on my daughter's behalf that she will receive the HPV vaccine. I spoke to her pediatrician, in the previous two years. If your child really knows where babies come from, you can talk about STDs as well.  We weighed the issues, yes it is early. And yes, I have reservations how the pharmaceuticals marketed this vaccine.  But because there are follow up boosters involved you have to consider the ability to drag a 13 year old into the pediatrician's office. Take that into consideration. Your teenager's life may be too busy with activities to go back twice, and it can be easily forgotten.

4. There was a NOVA episode on vaccines, back in September it covered all differing types of vaccines. There is no partisan hype in this episode. While HPV is just a another disease, transmissions is different. HPV isn't airborne like measles. STDs are behavior based, measles is NOT. It's not being preachy to acknowledge this. It's information, that's important in our decisions as adults.

5. This also lead to a conversation about pap-smears. Someone's little ten year old brother was listening in. He knows where babies come from, and I informed him that boys get STDs too.  This wasn't a fear based conversation. It was in plain medical terms. When individuals are sexually active, this is what they will expect from their doctor. In the future I will explain to him, they have to swab the inside of one's penis to check for STDs  Chasity does have it's benefits. Personally and for the public's health.

6 If you don't use NFP and use contraception or may had your tubes tied/vasectomy in the past, learn it for the benefit of your children. I live in a city that openingly advertises hormonal implants for girls at the pediatricians office. Not sure if is because we live in a low-income neighborhood, where our rates of teen pregnancy (including 18-19 years) is higher then the suburbs. I had to explain this as well to my daughter, and that it's important to really let your cycle establish itself and for your to know your natural periods. Periods are normal and healthy. Again this is knowledge. This is knowledge I wish I knew at 12.

7. And this is the real reason why I do not want my daughter on social media.
"Breaking (up) Bad: Risks of remaining friends" via New York Post
"Only 19 percent of adults would unfollow their ex on social media.” It’s pretty hard to have a clean break if you’re consistently following your ex’s every tweet and Instagram photo.

You need a clean break from an ex. End of story. You need to be able to move on. End of story. You can't completely avoid exes, so why carry the extra baggage online! You don't need to 'friend' or follow anyone. If they are your friend they will give you their phone number.

You do NOT have to stay friends. You just don't have to be a jerk to an ex.

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