Friday, January 23, 2015


More Seven Quick Takes over at Kelly's

1. I'm addicted to Empire. I initially watched because I loved Taraji Henson on Person of Interest with  They killed off her character Detective Joss Carter last season.

2. Some moments feel soap opera like, and the sex scenes well are not appropriate but they play a part of the story line. You can't avoid them, but so far they do not go beyond necessary for the plot. There is a bit of a ick factor, especially with the oldest son, Andre. Right now he's the character I have the least sympathy for.

3. The acting is great between Taraji (Cookie) and Terrence (Lucious). They were both leads in "Hustle & Flow", which I have not seen.


5. Jamal, the middle son, is gay. I thought the portrayal was exceptionally done well. It is nothing like the Modern Family stereotypes. If you watch the clip, you don't hear him telling his father "I'm gay! I'm gay!" Instead you hear him commanding to his father that he's a man.

I love this. This works well with Church teachings. While we acknowledge orientation, ultimately we are male or female. Being gay, doesn't make you less masculine. Seeing a gay character assert his gender, in a positive non-machismo manner.It is nice to see Hollywood move away from the 'gay magical elf'

Addressing machismo I think will play a large theme in the series. From Lucious telling a young boy "Real men don't cry" to the meeting of Puma played by Cuba Gooding Jr. whose character helps at-risk teens with care of horses on a ranch.

6. You will notice several religious references throughout the episodes. In the clip above, but also flashbacks.  Plus I love the fashion. This show will have an IMPACT on fashion. Whatever Cookie wears, we will follow.

7. My daughter is 12, and she had no interest in the show with the very mature themes. If she was 14, she probably would have more of an interest and I could definitely lets her watch with parental guidance. This is no GLEE, despite the music, this is a very serious drama. 

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