Friday, January 23, 2015

Quoted back in the days of Opine Editorials

This ... a thousand times this...
'The reason that Conservatism is "pro-family" is because no ideology can ultimately be defined in purely negative terms. It is not enough to say that we oppose big government, because to oppose anything is necessarily to advocate whatever must exist in it's place. In this case that is not simply "the individual". American economist Milton Friedman once said "We tend to talk about an individualist society, but it really isn't, it's a family society. And the greatest incentives of all, the incentives that have really driven people on, have largely been the incentives of family. ". No free society has ever existed that was constituted primarily of individuals pursuing their own interests as isolated individuals. It is stable, successful families, and communities of families, that make a free society possible. The only real world alternative to a society built upon the state, is a society built upon the family. '
-- Philosophical Conservatism in The Real Meaning Of Limited Government

It was quoted from Facebook, by someone I use to post with over at Opine Editorials. 

Despite the Cultural Wars battled within the Supreme Court, public policy understands this. It doesn't get the media attention. Never will, because the media is dominated by the 1%. And well I don't think the 1% cares about society. 

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