Saturday, December 27, 2014

I'm not as popular as Neil Degrasse Tyson

So some really popular science celebrity guy made a roll eyeing tweet noting Sir Isaac Newton was born on Christmas Day, to imply Jesus is a waste of our time or Newton is more important the God. I can't figure it out.

 Newton was a Christian , he wrote a lot on the subject of religion. Newton even wrote sermons on idolatry! So something gets retweeted 100k times over, is just well pure bullshit to stroke the ego of the individual. Sorry internet you were duped by the science 'expert' again.

Friday, December 19, 2014

7QT The misuse of profanity in the classroom

(Misuse of Profanity is at #7 below)

1. Without a month of internet, I was a bit confused for the past week. Oh this is a regular thing. OK.

2. Lowell has it's own Lyceum. You have to apply as an 8th grader, but it seems like a lot of extra work when you can just take regular honor courses. 

Four links to Family Public Policy issues this week.

3. The unbelievable rise of single motherhood in America over the last 50 years
4. Shock study: Marriage rate declines with porn use, threatening economy, society |
5. More than half of all children in US will likely live with an unmarried mother
6. Tim Scott: Why Marriage Matters for Fighting Poverty via
Did I mention these were all from this week? 


I'm highlighting my post from October regarding Mr. Moulton, the former Dracut High School teacher intentionally went on school grounds despite a restraining order to garner attention to himself. It's not about the profanity, but rather using the classroom as his personal audience for his personal work. He was misusing the student's time from my personal view.

A teacher can have a lesson on profanity, and use it in his lecture. What would be appropriate is to take already published works and use a compare & contrast and how profanity affects the written word. Profanity when it makes the point and in many cases profanity can weaken your idea. 

"Arbitrator: 'Sexually graphic' language cost ex-Dracut teacher job

Mr. Moulton  lecturing as if it was 1962, reciting a personal essay about Bob Dylan!!! We have the OPPOSITE problem in 2014. Profane words are so common place, we use it for every and any occasion. There is nothing taboo about f*ck and c*nt, just read your students' public twitter feeds. 

His students are very upset, they state online he was a great teacher but short of specific examples.  Except when one called me an idiot.  And someone on Twitter stated I was what was wrong in this country.  "Can't you see it's clear as day!!!!"

 I'm do not believe in censorship, especially concerning this week in media, 

During this week I watching the few clips of "Team America" (links to IMDB) on YouTube, which was produced in 2004. It's a satirical movie that goes out of the way to use profanity in the most offensive manner. It shows how profanity becomes a pointless mockery of language rather then a thoughtful expression.

And I will not link "Team America" YouTube clips because yes it's really that profane and offensive, just a warning to anyone who may not be that familiar with the film if you want to look it up online. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Follow up to Backlash and "His Real Mother"

I'm not a part of the adoption community, I'm apart of the community that stabilizes families within my own area as their first goal. I've learned a great deal from reading post about adoptees. I should note that indirectly I know of a birth mom, who at the time (not by first choice) gave up her son to adoption many decades ago, at her father's funeral she introduce her son as HER SON.

And this is what gets me, and in fact gets me angry. I've been slandered as a homophobic by the left and not pro-life by the right, despite the fact I would place a child with a gay relative over strangers and well no one has convinced me adoption prevents abortion. Sure living is better then death, but the factors involved are not connected.

I just understand we our lines of kinship follow through both maternal and paternal, and both are equal. The rights of adults end at the rights of children.

In terms of adult adoptees, their rights to identity and knowledge override the desires of non-kin. But why do they have to be adults to assert this right and why are we taking away this right at the time of adoption*?

I hope the original writer does not mind my reposting her Facebook status.

"Upworthy posted some crap on their page about how we ought to make gay-couple adoption legal across the board so that we can "increase" adoptions. I commented:-----
Actually, what we need more of in this country is better support for families of origin so that children don't have to be removed in the first place. I read about a study involving, I think, Florida and West Virginia in which poor families were simply given more resources--food, help with rent, whatever it was. Abuse and neglect rates plummeted. The myth goes that parents who abuse their kids are just sadistic psychopaths unfit to raise a child, when actually a whole lot of them are under severe stress and not strictly rational anymore. Our answer so far has been to strip them of their children and give them no help, which traumatizes the children, puts them at risk of abuse in foster homes and poverty when they're old enough to be on their own,
AND creates risk for any future children the parents have because the basic problem has not been solved.

*Not all adoption is wrong, there are circumstances in which parents are not in a good mental/health state to raise children and efforts for a kinship placement are not present for the child.

To read more about the backlash the link is here.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

7QT Lost Internet Again

More at Jen's Conversion DIary

1. I was without a computer for a month, then I was without my land-line and wi-fi/internet for a day.

2. I witnessed a minor car accident on Wednesday and I gave them my land-line number. I hope they didn't need to call, because all they would of got was a half ring then fuzzy noise. Verizon was very nice fixing the problem.

3. The view from our window with Lowell's Smokestack Christmas Tree

4. My post last Monday on vital records.

 I mentioned in a social media discussion that the real illusion that comes with family, is sperm/egg donation & sealed birth certificates. We need to ban 'donations'. You can't donate away your parental obligations and rights. Just because you didn't have sex, doesn't mean you're off the hook. Yes sperm and egg are not persons, but a person is a person. On our birth certificates should be the persons that the egg and sperm came from.
Once a person is conceived/born that person has rights to identity and whenever possible to be raised by kin, absent neglect & abuse.  

6. Cool story of family preservation "Spokane area agencies prioritize fixing family relationships, rather than traditional foster care routes"

"Cantamessa, 36, started Spokane County’s Parents-for-Parents class called H.O.P.E., which stands for Helping Other Parents Engage. It’s among the growing efforts in Spokane involving government, community and philanthropic groups to heal families rather than tear them apart."
7. The inadequate child-care system that confronts student parents vie Washington Post 
"“It all comes down to resources,” said Elisabeth Mason, Single Stop Chief Executive. “Economic interventions made huge differences in the ability of community college students to stay in school.”

Monday, December 8, 2014

Backlash and the Illusion of Vital Records and Birth Certificates

I can't seem to connect with people, always at the short end of an emotional discussion. Ideas that seem universal and almost benign, turn to bite me in the read end.

I mentioned in a social media discussion that the real illusion that comes with family, is sperm/egg donation & sealed birth certificates. We need to ban 'donations'. You can't donate away your parental obligations and rights. Just because you didn't have sex, doesn't mean you're off the hook. Yes sperm and egg are not persons, but a person is a person. On our birth certificates should be the persons that the egg and sperm came from.

Once a person is conceived/born that person has rights to identity and whenever possible to be raised by kin, absent neglect & abuse.  

Initially there was a consensus that birth certificates were vital records, and as a state interest should be maintained correctly. Then a mother of an adoptive child stepped in and and got defensive. I wasn't going to rebuttal my argument. Why?  Our culture puts adoption as the greatness of a win/wins, by erasing that there's a birth family. The adoptive mother made it very clear that they were the ONLY parents. Everyone pretty much jumped in to defend her. But also my argument didn't need a rebuttal. It stands firm.

This means as a Catholic I'm critical of the Church's past practices on adoption. It means I have to be critical of pro-lifers who consistently make the argument that adoption is preferable to abortion. Isn't almost everything preferable to being dead? Just because the person isn't dead, doesn't mean it's OK to deny that person a relationship with their own parents & family. Just because a pregnancy wasn't terminated, doesn't allow an infertile couple to take advantage of a pregnant woman with few to no social supports of her own.

There are two recent blog posts on the subject.

One from an adoptive mother, who went by means of foster care and actually adopted a child in need. It surprised me that she didn't see the difference that cases in which a child can not be raised by family, that adoption is and can be justified. She seemed like an unlikely person to claim that there was a "War on National Adoption Month".  That mother has since updated her blog post for clarification. And a response, "The Flip the Script Backlash" from an adult adoptee.

I will highlight one comment from the first link,

"Adult I am an adoptee. I am treated as a 46 year old child. I am not against adoption because there will always be at least some children who must be removed from their first families if they are to survive and thrive. But it is also not always a last resort. When my son and his girlfriend found out that she was pregnant at 17, the first thing mentioned to them was adoption and how wonderful adoption is. Secretly, I prayed that they would not choose adoption although I told them I would support them in whatever decision they chose. Single women are encouraged to place their child for adoption regardless of whether or not they are equipped to raise a child. Adoptees speak out because we want people to realize that all adoptions involve pain at some point in that child’s life. No amount of love will make it just go away, and it is not a reflection on your love for them or theirs for you. We want to educate people on what we have learned and on how much we still need to learn. No one ever told my parents “Your daughter will always wonder about ‘the other’. I don’t want you to feel guilty about adopting. I want you to help us educate, to try and understand the basic challenges we face that children in biological families do not, and to help us fight – for basic rights to our own information and against legislation that would allow us to be discriminated against."
This response was specific to the mother who adopted through foster care, not a private agency seeking out pregnant women.

Friday, December 5, 2014

7QT The Nativty at City Hall

More Quick Takes at Jen's Conversion Diary

1. Yep, we have one.

But why? How did this even start?

 2. In a Facebook discussion with locals, one suggested that with the invention of electricity that municipalities and retailers decorated streets and centers for the holiday. Lowell also has a parade with sponsored floats, high school marching bands, politicians, and Santa.

Make sense someone might want to put up a Nativity with it. Right? It's Christmas.  It's Advent.

3. Ours is over 50 years old and was donated to the city. We now have volunteers that put it up, not city employees. Because we are a diverse city, at other times of the year (Cambodian New Year) which falls around Easter the area also hosts religious Buddhist displays/gatherings.

4. Also someone made the corrected point, that the war isn't on Christmas. The war is on Thanksgiving. Even our atheist friends are upset about Thanksgiving, and you don't want them blaming the birth of Jesus for the stores being open at 6pmThursday evening!

The only national tradition in which things shut down is the Super Bowl, and that's only because everyone wants to watch commercials.

5. Retailers have to make a living, if you want to buy stuff there are plenty of items you can buy for those in need.

6. I make the assumption that we're are not well off, because we don't have new things. But also my family has the ability to purchase a cellphone/computer/car if it broke. We have a roof over our heads and hot water, plus the basics in the fridge. We don't have the luxury of buying something new, simply for its newness.

7. My shopping habits...

 I want Nordstrom quality at OldNavy prices, which is why I end up with nothing when I try to go shopping.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Can I bore you with a 117 page report on public policy and the family?

It doesn't take a lot to be a good parent or to provide children with stability, but it seems that script is lost. There are some things I can not change immediately, I always believe that steps forward in stability the family will be in very small increments. While public policy can make things easier and put up fewer road blocks, I've always been realistic. It hasn't stopped people from over the decade to make snarky remarks, but even after a breakdown in conversation it can be revisited.

Just take out some of the cultural buzz words, including marriage, and get talking and oddly enough the m-word creeps back in naturally. Recently in a talk about adoption reforms I was called in question on my view on marriage, I answered honestly.

I was accused of using the rights and needs of children in my defense of marriage.

Well, yeah.

As for that report from the Congressional Research Service

Welfare, Work, and Poverty Status of FemaleHeaded
Families with Children: 1987-2013 

A month without a keyboard

Our old desktop blew a network card, and we were too busy to actually purchase a new computer. I've been living with a tablet. I miss typing. It doesn't have to be blogging, just the ability to type again. My kids ask how can you type so fast? I'm not a great typist, but you just learn by necessity on doing it. Not sure why high/middle school use tablets, when they should be using chrome books. Tablets have function, like a small note pad in your purse. But you can't create content or a semi-thought out idea on a tablet.