Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Can I bore you with a 117 page report on public policy and the family?

It doesn't take a lot to be a good parent or to provide children with stability, but it seems that script is lost. There are some things I can not change immediately, I always believe that steps forward in stability the family will be in very small increments. While public policy can make things easier and put up fewer road blocks, I've always been realistic. It hasn't stopped people from over the decade to make snarky remarks, but even after a breakdown in conversation it can be revisited.

Just take out some of the cultural buzz words, including marriage, and get talking and oddly enough the m-word creeps back in naturally. Recently in a talk about adoption reforms I was called in question on my view on marriage, I answered honestly.

I was accused of using the rights and needs of children in my defense of marriage.

Well, yeah.

As for that report from the Congressional Research Service

Welfare, Work, and Poverty Status of FemaleHeaded
Families with Children: 1987-2013 

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