Friday, December 5, 2014

7QT The Nativty at City Hall

More Quick Takes at Jen's Conversion Diary

1. Yep, we have one.

But why? How did this even start?

 2. In a Facebook discussion with locals, one suggested that with the invention of electricity that municipalities and retailers decorated streets and centers for the holiday. Lowell also has a parade with sponsored floats, high school marching bands, politicians, and Santa.

Make sense someone might want to put up a Nativity with it. Right? It's Christmas.  It's Advent.

3. Ours is over 50 years old and was donated to the city. We now have volunteers that put it up, not city employees. Because we are a diverse city, at other times of the year (Cambodian New Year) which falls around Easter the area also hosts religious Buddhist displays/gatherings.

4. Also someone made the corrected point, that the war isn't on Christmas. The war is on Thanksgiving. Even our atheist friends are upset about Thanksgiving, and you don't want them blaming the birth of Jesus for the stores being open at 6pmThursday evening!

The only national tradition in which things shut down is the Super Bowl, and that's only because everyone wants to watch commercials.

5. Retailers have to make a living, if you want to buy stuff there are plenty of items you can buy for those in need.

6. I make the assumption that we're are not well off, because we don't have new things. But also my family has the ability to purchase a cellphone/computer/car if it broke. We have a roof over our heads and hot water, plus the basics in the fridge. We don't have the luxury of buying something new, simply for its newness.

7. My shopping habits...

 I want Nordstrom quality at OldNavy prices, which is why I end up with nothing when I try to go shopping.


  1. Regarding the Crèche, I blame Frank, from Assisi, who did one in 1223 and it caught on.  The best are in Naples, Italy, where they are called presepio.  They are wonderful.  Here is a little history.

    Regards  —  Cliff

  2. My husband had a presepio growing up, due to the fact my father in law is directly from Sardinia. My mother in law doesn't put up a tree, but the presepio goes up.