Friday, December 19, 2014

7QT The misuse of profanity in the classroom

(Misuse of Profanity is at #7 below)

1. Without a month of internet, I was a bit confused for the past week. Oh this is a regular thing. OK.

2. Lowell has it's own Lyceum. You have to apply as an 8th grader, but it seems like a lot of extra work when you can just take regular honor courses. 

Four links to Family Public Policy issues this week.

3. The unbelievable rise of single motherhood in America over the last 50 years
4. Shock study: Marriage rate declines with porn use, threatening economy, society |
5. More than half of all children in US will likely live with an unmarried mother
6. Tim Scott: Why Marriage Matters for Fighting Poverty via
Did I mention these were all from this week? 


I'm highlighting my post from October regarding Mr. Moulton, the former Dracut High School teacher intentionally went on school grounds despite a restraining order to garner attention to himself. It's not about the profanity, but rather using the classroom as his personal audience for his personal work. He was misusing the student's time from my personal view.

A teacher can have a lesson on profanity, and use it in his lecture. What would be appropriate is to take already published works and use a compare & contrast and how profanity affects the written word. Profanity when it makes the point and in many cases profanity can weaken your idea. 

"Arbitrator: 'Sexually graphic' language cost ex-Dracut teacher job

Mr. Moulton  lecturing as if it was 1962, reciting a personal essay about Bob Dylan!!! We have the OPPOSITE problem in 2014. Profane words are so common place, we use it for every and any occasion. There is nothing taboo about f*ck and c*nt, just read your students' public twitter feeds. 

His students are very upset, they state online he was a great teacher but short of specific examples.  Except when one called me an idiot.  And someone on Twitter stated I was what was wrong in this country.  "Can't you see it's clear as day!!!!"

 I'm do not believe in censorship, especially concerning this week in media, 

During this week I watching the few clips of "Team America" (links to IMDB) on YouTube, which was produced in 2004. It's a satirical movie that goes out of the way to use profanity in the most offensive manner. It shows how profanity becomes a pointless mockery of language rather then a thoughtful expression.

And I will not link "Team America" YouTube clips because yes it's really that profane and offensive, just a warning to anyone who may not be that familiar with the film if you want to look it up online. 

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