Thursday, December 11, 2014

7QT Lost Internet Again

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1. I was without a computer for a month, then I was without my land-line and wi-fi/internet for a day.

2. I witnessed a minor car accident on Wednesday and I gave them my land-line number. I hope they didn't need to call, because all they would of got was a half ring then fuzzy noise. Verizon was very nice fixing the problem.

3. The view from our window with Lowell's Smokestack Christmas Tree

4. My post last Monday on vital records.

 I mentioned in a social media discussion that the real illusion that comes with family, is sperm/egg donation & sealed birth certificates. We need to ban 'donations'. You can't donate away your parental obligations and rights. Just because you didn't have sex, doesn't mean you're off the hook. Yes sperm and egg are not persons, but a person is a person. On our birth certificates should be the persons that the egg and sperm came from.
Once a person is conceived/born that person has rights to identity and whenever possible to be raised by kin, absent neglect & abuse.  

6. Cool story of family preservation "Spokane area agencies prioritize fixing family relationships, rather than traditional foster care routes"

"Cantamessa, 36, started Spokane County’s Parents-for-Parents class called H.O.P.E., which stands for Helping Other Parents Engage. It’s among the growing efforts in Spokane involving government, community and philanthropic groups to heal families rather than tear them apart."
7. The inadequate child-care system that confronts student parents vie Washington Post 
"“It all comes down to resources,” said Elisabeth Mason, Single Stop Chief Executive. “Economic interventions made huge differences in the ability of community college students to stay in school.”


  1. My response to #5: "Go away." I think we've become entirely too accepting of victim-based stupidity. I think we should stop arguing with it and ignore it. Counterexamples to that assertion instantly come to mind, ergo the construct is false on its face.

    1. There opinion may has less weight, but to say a person doesn't have the 'right' sounds so well unAmerican as an exchange of ideas.

  2. At least you are back on line.


    Regards  —  Cliff