Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"Finding Your Roots"

One of the guests tonight was Anderson Cooper, who is umm... gay. Normally that would be irrelevant, but whenever we now talk marriage it isn't an institution to discover the links of our ancestors.

Documentation means something, not for us, but for our descendants. It is common that those of African-American decent to have their paper trail run dry in the 1870s. Cooper who's ancestor owned slaves (and was killed in a slave revolt) was sick to his stomach that slaves were nameless in documents.... When anyone uses sperm/egg donation, sealed adoption, or other means to hide kin from a person for your own personal want... well we need to reconsider the practice. No matter who you are, race or sexual orientation, we have an natural interest in our identity. Even African Americans of slave decent can trace to what ethnic tribe in Africa with DNA, but it's more then DNA it's the stories.

OK.... Related, because shouldn't we document gay relationships?

As long as it it is not on a false premise, such as a person having two two moms or two dads. Eve Tushnet points out.  

"Yesterday we blessed pets for Pete’s sake, so why not the people you love? You’ll bless a cat who loves me “like a glutton loves his lunch,” but no blessing for friends or chosen family? But here I’m more interested in hearing your ideas. Where have you seen extrafamilial sacrificial love honored publicly? Where and how would you like to see it honored?"

Added: When I speak of gay relationships, it is not approval or endorsement of sexual behavior, rather the relationship itself. Really hard people to understand that at times. 


  1. I dunno, it seems like congregations get blessed all the time. Like every Mass.

    1. Usually a non-related loved ones can be Godparents/Confirmation Sponsors as well.

      We gave special Masses for professions, too.

      And when girls turn 15.

  2. Apparently there is some criticism at the Synod, a married couple gave a scenario of their gay son and companion* being invited to Christmas Mass/Dinner. To me this is a no brained, considering what the Gospel is on Christmas. The criticism was exposing children to a gay couple. Exposing them to what?

    If you don't have excessive public display of affection as a general rule for everyone, like where's the conflict?

    I prefer companion over partner, if I'm introduced to your partner I'm may assume business, not a personal relationship/friendship.

    1. My response to the whole gay hysteria / obsession thing is this:

      Enough yelling about two adult men / two adult women not getting their
      way or getting enough benefits. Instead, how about if we spend that
      energy dealing with the real civil rights issue of the day: children
      being raised in single-parent homes?

      What kind of society spends endless hours trying to make two grown men
      feel better about themselves, but rarely speaks a word about
      fatherless children beating up on each other / doing drugs / dropping
      out of school...

    2. But the media did report it, this was the whole premise in the defense of Prop 8 when David Blankenhorn (author of Fatherless America) took the stand.

      Our government rejected it.

      But to answer your question about what public policy wants to do with single parents is more birth control, instead of stabilizing the economy or eliminating marriage penalties.

    3. I just can't see why gays are such a big deal. You've got two incomes and no responsibilities. No one is screaming at you any more than anyone else. Get over it. Watching what happens to fatherless kids *is* a big deal. The traditional, married family is superior and denying it so a couple of guys can get some more bennies from the State is sickening.

  3. But it is the plate we have been served, we got to start from scratch rebuilding the family.

    1. Amen about building the family. I'm suggesting a different approach to gay marriage. Shrug and move on. My response to the zealots is that if you think two guys with no responsibilities whining for more government bennies is the biggest thing in Civil Rights, you need to reexamine your priorities.

      We survived Caligula. We'll survive this.

  4. Wow, the obelisk in Saint Peter's Square was Caligula

    1. Wow. That's wild.

      I'm off to work a men's retreat weekend. You'll be with me in my prayers. God bless you and yours, Renee.