Thursday, October 23, 2014

7QT Talking about marriage in reality, not in abstract

More Quick Takes at Jens Conversion Diary

1.  I had a conversation with a working professional divorced mom this week. A good one. A non controversial one, the type the Synod of the Family wanted to address.

2. Why are we failing at 'family' at this rate? Even those in which families are not completely under one roof, realize this is a problem. We relate to the personal/private situations, but why can't we reverse the trends that lead to divorce.  Even divorced/never married wanted healthy relationships. Even they are hesitate to remarry, they don't desire to divorce again.

3. I told her, I fear divorce. That I treat divorced like a virus, that can be catched. She understood.

Pastorally as lay people. Married need to help divorce people heal, but how can we prevent the 'virus' effect?


"Although cultural evolution operates by very different mechanisms than genetic evolution, many biological patterns are present. Cultures mutate, reproducing varying versions of themselves by generational transmission and spread, experience differential reproductive success (selection), and sometimes go extinct. They are dependent on their human hosts, or symbiotes, a population they both change and are changed by. And we are dependent on them."

Excellent paper on how cultures influence our fertility patterns. Odd choice of terms. Human hosts?

5. Search "marriage" and "parents" on Twitter and you can find some nice tweets from young adults. 

6. Almost half of children born today will see their parents separate by their 16th birthday, and many fathers do...


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  1. Life is relatively simple and there aren't all that many mechanisms for screwing things up. In our case, we've ditched God and objective morality and have embraced personal pleasure as the ultimate good. Marriage, sometimes unpleasant, is ditched in favor of ourselves.