Thursday, October 9, 2014

7QT Is that frog cooked, yet? #synod14

More Quick Takes at Jen's Conversion Diary

1. Focused on the brokenness of the family here in Lowell, I haven't really followed the actions of the Supreme Court too closely.

Why? The sky has already fallen, look at the ground. 

2. Absence of marriage is a perfect economic-legal-media storm, isn't? I don't think secular culture cares about the adult-centered version of marriage either. Maybe weddings.. And that's mostly the parents, not the bride and groom.

3. A tweet of mine was favorited by 4 people in France, I guess there was a rally for the family there this week.

"What if the #media reported #fatherless and #family breakdown, but we #ignored it? "

Looking back, as a society we did.

4. I'm a big fan of PBS's Finding Your Roots. " When anyone uses sperm/egg donation, sealed adoption, or other means to hide kin from a person for your own personal want... well we need to reconsider the practice. No matter who you are, race or sexual orientation, we have an natural interest in our identity. Even African Americans of slave decent can trace to what ethnic tribe in Africa with DNA, but it's more then DNA it's the stories."

5. So is marriage cooked? How did we let it slide downard for so long in America? I'm not sure what Americans even care about? I'm talking America, not necessarily other parts of the world. 

6. It really does seem we have to start from scratch on this. Nothing will be salvaged. 

7. From the Ruth Blog, very humbling.

"It is not their fault: why I am not angry at the lesbians suing the sperm bank"

"Ms. Cramblett is not a celebrity lesbian.  She does not have a law degree or work for a prestigious activist organization or have a TV show. She works at an ATT store. I do not see any of the Establishment Gay Legal organizations hovering around her case. (I’m guessing they would find her case slightly embarrassing to their liberal pieties.) Her attorney, Thomas Intili, seems to be a local personal injury lawyer.
No, Ms. Cramblett and her friend Amanda Zinkon appear to be just folks. Ms. Cramblett was trying to order her life around the Modern Family Narrative.
When the Elites said that “love makes a family,” she believed them.  “Genetic connections are over-rated.”  “Kids don’t really need mothers and fathers.”  “No harm will come from using a commercial sperm donor.” “You are entitled to become a mother, even if you never intend to have a relationship with the child’s father.” “

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