Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"Inter-generational Kinship Cohesion"

I had the intentions of writing an actual post, instead of just copying and pasting, but I'm overwhelming depressed at our society's attitude towards this ideal. 
 Amazing how we turned family ideals/public policy from the goal of intergenerational cohesiveness to the an issue of government statuses irrelevant to any community interest but instead abstract concepts of privacy/equality within less an decade. A lot of the links I share are not pro-marriage, but adult adoptee/sperm-egg donor who are demanding their rights (despite educated, not in poverty). What I find disturbing that whether affluent or disadvantage, everyone thinks STEM & piano lessons is all a child needs to succeed and that money (not cohesion) is the only difference. -Renee Aste September 1, 2014 Facebook

"But where success occurred, it was often passed down, through family resources or networks simply out of reach of most of the disadvantaged." -Washington Post (August 29, 2014) 

" Other data indicated that these very same regular family dinners, yearly vacations, and holiday celebrations occur more frequently in families that have high levels of cohesiveness and that they contribute to the development of a strong sense of what we have called the intergenerational self. It is this intergenerational self and the personal strength and moral guidance that seem to derive from it that are associated with increased resilience, better adjustment, and improved chances of good clinical and educational outcomes." The Stories That Bind Us: What Are the Twenty Questions? Huffington Post May 2013

Just saw an internet meme that reference that anyone that defends anthropological marriage as an 'asshole'. So I'm guess I will use "Inter-genertational Kinship Cohesion" as an alternative, but somehow I'm sure if I don't make an exemption for those who want to circumvent this I will be labeled something terrible. 


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