Thursday, September 25, 2014

7QT The original rainbow flag of peace.

More Quick Takes at Jen's Conversion Diary

1. I reposted to posts from the Opine Editorials, a marriage/family blog I use to post at.

Because adoption doesn’t cure fatherlessness.
We need to rethink what adoption is and why? It received criticism, but really my criticism is geared to conservatives. 

Family Find

Why is it public policy to keep children without biological relatives, but we preach in social media that biological kin isn't necessary for the well-being of children. 

2.  So what creates stability for children? Not long lasting birth control.
Birth control will NOT protect women from poor decision making or even help her make a decision, it just protects her from not having children with a man who may or may not be the person she should marry and have children with. I know. I've been there. Not judging, just sharing. 
3. Mom goes to jail for ordering abortion pills without a prescription for her daughter via ABA Journal 

It's a short and fair read of the situation.  The article brings up the issue of a 24 hour waiting period. I never was really a big supporter of waiting periods, as someone who is profile, not sure how it helped. But from a medical point of view I find not having an initial consultation for surgery to be odd, even negligent. When I have minor surgery or when my children have minor surgery, we always get a consultation with the actual surgeon before they schedule the operation. Unless you are going through the Emergency Room, the surgeon always meets and speaks to the patient with an appointment before the surgery. 

4. Spoken at city council this week.

"Many children in our city are on their own and receive no love or respect at home so they seek it out in gangs or through the use of drugs;" -Councilor Rita Mercier 


5. The original rainbow flag... 

Iraq war.
"The most common recent design is a rainbow flag representing peace, first used in Italy at a peace march in 1961. The flag was inspired by similar multi-coloured flags used in demonstrations against nuclear weapons. A previous version had featured a dove drawn by Pablo Picasso.[10]"

6. As a Catholic, I feel stretched. I don't know how religious keep the joy. I'm burnt out. So afraid my anger may be expressed negatively.

7. People have noticed how the media is manipulating the Synod on the Family. Sigh...


  1. I haven't heard anything in the media about the Synod...but I've been super busy too, so maybe I'm just not paying attention.

    As for the criticism on the first post, we all have our sensitive spots and when they're touched we sometimes react without thinking things through. I think your post was fine.

    1. Oh yes, the media is 'hinting' here and there. So when things don't change, people will get upset with the church.

      I realize I'm 'anti-adoption', but really my concerns come from worry we are taking advantage of parents without social supports. We are seeing situations as in Oklahoma, that pregnant women are having every expense paid (rent/car/groceries) in favor of relinquishing their child to someone else! Its a loop hole, in yes... human trafficking. An ugly term, we don't want to associate with adoption.