Friday, September 12, 2014

7QT I cry at Baptisms

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(#7 is me crying at Baptisms)

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2. I have a post on siblings and public policy this week. What we use to think about marital public policy wasn't about the legal benefits of two people, but the logistics of mom and dad raising children together. Anyone dealing with a situation who has to co-parent, but not under the same roof realizes the struggles of logistics that occurs.

3. What about half siblings living with a biological mother, but for health reasons/death the mother can not parent? Do you split up the children between the fathers? Do you allow a maternal relative take guardianship, despite the fathers have no neglected or abandoned their children?

4. From Science Daily "Marital tension between Mom and Dad can harm each parent's bond with child"

"We see from the findings that the marriage is a hub relationship for the family," she said. "The quality of that relationship spills over into each parent's interactions with the child. So if mom and dad are fighting, it will show up initially -- and in some cases on the second day -- in a poorer quality relationship with their kids."

5. I follow @CDCSTD, it is quite surprising how 'conservative' the medical advice is. Sure some of the tweets are creepy in my opinion, especially seeing pre-teen faces and STDs, but the date supports risks of unhealthy sexual activity. And really the only healthy sexual activity is within what we use to call 'marriage'.

6. Teen pregnancy for instance is somewhat more rare then we are lead to believe. Only one in four 'teen pregnancies' if from a minor. 75% of 'teen pregnancies' are are women of legal age 18-19. Also only about 25% of teens between 15-17 are sexually active.
"Encourage teens who are not sexually active to continue to wait."
 I always thought teens had more sex. I'm old now and my own experiences are irrelevant, but I thought everyone was having sex when I was a teenager. But why can't we talk sexually active teens/adults to also pause. Yes. you can stop.

7. My post on Facebook last Sunday
Some people cry at weddings, I cry at 11:15 Mass where an elderly man (with a cane) received the Sacrament of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist. His daughter-in-law was his Godmother. Mass was set up for a Baptism and we were wondering for ten minutes 'where's the baby'.

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  1. I cry at baptisms, too! I love it when we're all gathered together around the font, listening to the promises being made, and then, in one voice, all vowing to support the person in his or her new life in Christ. It's just beautiful.