Wednesday, September 17, 2014

7QT Am I in a zombie movie?

More quick links over at Jen's Conversion Diary. 

1. I'm not a joyful Catholic, today. That's an honest statement. I need to go to confession ASAP, but I know I'm just going to be venting out my frustration with others and not dealing with my own faults. Yes, I know that is something I confess in of itself.

2. I have so many things to be grateful for, but what saddens me is the inability to share them. I can't communicate or share an idea. (like marriage) You have to tip-toe around it, in fear that if you cross the wrong person you will be falsely labeled a bigot. I feel like I'm in a zombie movie, something taken for granted is now unrecognizable. Our memories erased.

3. I've gone over in the past how PBS FrontLine (2002), President Obama (as Senator) (2007), the highest court in New York once defended marriage(2006), and public policy papers for Congress in 2014. Even science articles how marital breakdown affects parenting. I can pull up academic articles that are progressive in nature from 2001 that defends marriage. 

4. From 2001 from Cornell's Progressive Policy Institute
"Public policy concerns about the decline of marriage as an institution are not new.
What is new is that both conservatives and liberals seem increasingly prepared to act in concrete ways to encourage marriage and to prevent divorce. This willingness to act is no longer viewed as part of a narrow family agenda of the religious right or of political conservatives, but one increasingly embraced by centrist Democrats, family and child advocacy groups, and progressive social scientists and public policy analysts. Whether the new marriage agenda takes the form of eliminating the “marriage penalty” in the U.S. tax code, promoting covenant marriages that make divorce more difficult legally (as is the case in Louisiana), or developing marriage enrichment or pre-marital counseling programs, the message is clear: The government is no longer willing to let the health and well-being of America’s children, youth, and families to chance. This pro-marriage agenda has taken center stage in the debate over the reauthorization of PRWORA. " 

5. What happened? The idea we've become zombies has not been ruled out. 

6. Over at Mercator "Truth is Sacred" how one many is correcting his birth certificate
"This is something that our society needs. My dog has a more accurate birth certificate than I do. How is it that animals can have a more accurate family tree than a person? Is that not dehumanising?"

7.  Are we failing to teach our teenagers to love... 

The Webs that Support Us: Shifting Conceptions of the American Dream

"I didn’t gather a similar group in this largely white neighborhood to compare their aspirations with those of their peers across the street, but in my conversation with a guy who runs the waste treatment facility that serves both communities, he confirmed the standard fare: Take AP’s, find some community service opportunities, get into a prestigious college, and surf off networks and degrees from there. And it all sounded promising, except for knowing the laments of those in their same demographic (indeed, my demographic), just ten years ahead of them—laments of isolation and unexamined box-checking, reports of alienation and purposelessness. Upbringings of the college-bound structured according to the hurdles of our meritocracy, not first to love and loyalty, commitment and invisible service." 


  1. As a teenager who went through the "checking boxes" process, I can definitely relate.

    1. They accuse the Church of rules, but it felt that secular life had even more. Your worth came down class, rank, GPA, SAT scores, and not getting pregnant..... Nothing wrong with tests and GPA s (we need to test) , but people were doing community service for resume building solely....