Friday, August 8, 2014

7QT What if your local supermarket closed?

More Quick Takes at Jen's Conversion Diary

Places we may never go again. The mall, the movie theater, the moon & .

2. Well Market Basket isn't closed. We're in boycott for about three weeks now. The story is somewhat national, when they fired the co-shareholder/CEO for two CEO who have a background of not running grocery story chains, but for 'busting up' grocery chains (selling off/closing stores) and retrieving golden parachutes in the process.

We thought we could 'force their hand', to sell to the co-sharehold/former CEO by draining money from the store. We thought (with reason) these people listen to money and if the store is losing 10 million a day, and reduce sales by 90% they would listen to the customer.  We want a real CEO who want to run a profitable grocery store, not a private equity firm or a megachain that would close stores and treat workers poorly.

Well... apparent the hatred between the two sides of the shareholders is so great, the other won't sell for fair value. BTW we're not talking millionaires. We're talking billionaires here.

3.  So while we do have a BJs membership, we still used Market Basket and instead of being able to get milk in walking distance. I can either drive to BJs which is 20 minutes or deal with the chaos of other supermarkets in the area, because EVERYONE is participating the boycott.

What would happen if you couldn't shop at your supermarket?

4. It has been a slow summer of posting. The kids are home and I haven't been sleeping well.Really, it is because of the 'taboo' subject matter I usually post on and have been posting on for over a decade. Yeah, no one is going to behead me, but the strangeness that expressing the importance of family structure is somehow 'intolerance' or 'hatred'. It is amazing how PR really works to destroy someone. 

5. So far I've survived the gauntlet.

6. Still you find  a news article on the subject. "Why the decline in marriage among first-time mothers matters for their children" Washington Post July 9, 2014. 

7. Jen loves Banana suits! Here is one at a Market Basket rally!  

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