Thursday, August 28, 2014

7QT Politics at the Dinner Table

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1. It's been several weeks sine I even posted anything on the blog. Being with the kids all summer, didn't give me an opportunity to really sit down and write anything. Truth is I don't have anything new to write about. Other then we have Market Basket back, as of Wednesday at 10pm. 

2. Of all the subjects to be interested in, which is/was marriage (depending on your view) I find myself sadden how conversations can not be held as we use to. In a decade's worth of time, anthropological concepts of kinship and family structure now hold NO RATIONAL basis in legal terms. This is pretty depressing, considering I have a law degree and passed the Bar. (Yeah, my status is currently inactive and I do not practice.)

3. I does feel good that I'm doing something about it. It will be four years this October, that I will be volunteering with Massachusetts Department of Children and Families in their Foster Care Review Unit.  Children have a legal right to be raised by their parents, as a matter of public policy we support parents, if parents can not raise their children then we prioritize supporting kinship placements. FAMILY! 

4. Before law school, I majored in political science. I grew up watching the news and discussing it at the dinner table. It is something that I have refrained from doing sadly. Due to media technologically, the media can show graphic images. While I support the need for this form of journalism, I can not at this point subject the kids to it and also subject myself to it for lengthened amounts of time. The whole way we speak about public policy matters has become so twisted. The polarization of tribal political warfare is amazing. 

 "We're not worry about that child, his/her is involved." -Social Worker. Almost every time is involved, this conclusion is made. From Twitter.

"I believe violence is not just because of guns. It ties into education and the family. We need proactive approach,"From Twitter (candidate for political office)
'I pose to men the origin of their first, and perhaps second, reason for existing.” Leonardo Da Vinci “The Copulation” (Not Twitter)

Is that Jello, she is serving? I hope it isn't dinner.

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