Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Listen to the victims of sexual abuse.

It is so important to hear the stories of victims of sexual abuse. Warning on the sensitive subject matter.

Comment from Instapundit 

People like to turn a blind eye to pedophilia and child abuse. For some, it's just too horrible to even think about. My own mom turned a blind eye all those years because her mind could not handle it. I've forgiven her over time, but it was hard. Years later, after my father died, I asked her 'why did you not stop it?' She said she didn't want to know.
Please read the whole story.  


Also Mudblood Catholic's To Forgive Predator 

The tortuous slowness with which Christians are coming to face the reality of sexual predation within our congregations is horrifying; probably almost the only reason that the Catholic Church is doing as well as it is, is that it has been forced to, by the ghastly revelations of a decade ago. Meanwhile, every few months or so, I hear some new story of abuse, often at the hands of church leaders, sounding like something out of a nightmare. But the problem is beginning to be recognized, and in some degree dealt with. Above all, the wicked culture of silence on the subject is being dispelled.

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