Friday, July 11, 2014

7QT "A magic moment for unwed parents"

7QT More Seven Quick Takes at Jen's Conversion Diary...

 Quick Take on unwed parents is #7

1. So here I sit here in Massachusetts under one party rule, what is practiced and what is preached are two different things. Politicians say things to feed the lobbyist desires, meanwhile the rest of us are concerned with public policy and at times there is conflict.

2Yeah, it's chaos. Officially.

Sometimes you can't ignore it, but don't succumb to it either.

3. Marriage decline and the public policy chaos.
You can search numerous scholarly online articles about the decline of marriage over the past three decades, but it you search in general terms of marriage decline you will no longer see articles on public policy. All we get is just insanity on social media mocking marriage.
4. The high maintenance cost of sexual liberation
My newly divorced 31-year-old self was on the pill so I didn't even consider asking a man to wear a condom. Then, after I'd been single for about six months I saw a report on the news about the rise in cases of herpes. I was surprised and frustrated.

I assume when she is referencing herself at the age of 31, it is the early/mid 1980s. We carry the burdens of such thinking. 

5. I never understood how our dependence on contraception is so blind. There has been numerous mainstream media reports and fertility apps on smartphones are great.

Birth control may affect long-term relationships via CNN April 2012 

So it may not be as much the issue of going off birth control as it going on it in the first place. Sexual health expert Dr. Madeleine Castellanos cautions women to think carefully about their choice of contraceptive: "Some of these side effects are so serious that I now urge young women to consider just using condoms and leaving the birth control pills behind."
6. I update my sidebar, for some reason there has been an uptick on my cross posts from Opine.  

7.  A 'magic moment' for unwed parents: Best time in child's life for unwed parents to marry -- ScienceDaily
"The odds improve somewhat when mothers marry their child's biological father, Gibson-Davis said. After 10 years, 38 percent of post-conception marriages involving biological parents had dissolved. In the same period of time, 54 percent of marriages to a stepfather had ended. Those findings held true across racial lines."

How interesting in social media we are constantly being told that marriage has little to do with a child having their mother and father parent under one roof, but there are studies on it's importance whenever there is a healthy relationship between the two.

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