Monday, June 2, 2014

Woman can succeed, but...

This is frustrating
I want women to succeed, and yet I don't feel any part of the sisterhood within the Democratic Party. Why do I sympathize with programs that help men, more so then women?
Can't we say women and men should succeed together?
Due to scheduling, I didn't make it downtown. But this was political rally for women, who do not get help from their own fathers and the fathers of their children.
It reminds from two decades earlier courting the soccer mom vote. Politicians turn voters into consumers, and market specific issues the neatly benefit them.
WomenSucceed is restating the 77% myth comparing male and female income, and doesn't speak in how men can help the mother of his children when speaking about the stress of being a single mom.

ETA: From Instapundit “To connect with women voters, the DCCC launched our 2014 ‘ROSIE’ Model. Inspired by Rosie the Riveter, the ROSIE (Reengaging Our Sisters In Elections) Model identifies and helps to turn out unmarried women who are most likely to drop-off in midterm elections. We have already begun engaging these potential drop-off voters in a conversation about how this election matters for their lives,” states the memo.

Nothing wrong with reaching, BTW. The question is the narrative. 

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